Garden Medley Noodle Soup

Garden Medley Noodle Soup is a delightful and wholesome soup that captures the essence of fresh vegetables in a comforting broth. The soup features a medley of vibrant garden vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, and zucchini, combined with tender noodles in a flavorful and aromatic broth. The combination of vegetables and noodles offers …

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Tikkad Twist With Aloo Pyaz

Tikkad Twist with Aloo Pyaz is a delightful fusion dish that takes the traditional Indian flatbread, tikkad, to new heights. The tikkad is spiced with aromatic herbs and cooked to perfection on a griddle, creating a crispy and flavorful base. It is then topped with a scrumptious mixture of sautéed potatoes (aloo) and onions (pyaz), …

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Golden Gram Delights

Golden Gram Delights are a scrumptious and irresistible snack that captivates with its golden hue and delectable taste. Made from gram flour (besan) mixed with a tantalizing blend of spices, these bite-sized delights are deep-fried to perfection, creating a crispy and savory texture. Each bite offers a burst of flavors that entice the taste buds. …

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Divine Dal Bati Symphony

Embark on a culinary journey through Rajasthan with our Divine Dal Bati Symphony. Indulge in our signature platter, featuring four baatis – crispy and savory wheat dumplings, served alongside Panchmel Dal – a harmonious blend of five lentils cooked to perfection. Accompanying this delight is Lahsun chutney – a zesty garlic dip, and Choorma – …

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