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The FND (Food Next Door) app is a revolutionary takeout ordering service that will help you generate business through your home cooked food and be on your own. Sounds like a good idea? The FND app will help you in selling home cooked recipes in your neighborhood and help you don the entrepreneurial hat.
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Want to be an Entrepreneur?
FND(Food Next Door) food selling app is the soulful wizard behind the traditional food business and has preserved a drive to teach, inspire, and engage others through handcrafted recipes in homemade food service. You can anticipate a practical approach to cooking when a passion for food meets problem-solving and a love of food art via homemade food online.
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Build your brand by just doing what you love to do at home
Homemade cuisine is an irresistible temptation for any foodie and now here’s the opportunity to show your skills to the rest of the world through a home food delivery app. All cuisines are wrapped up in hearty dishes and served with the touch of professional and artistic chefs through a home-cooked food delivery app.
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What is Food Next Door (FND)?

The FoodNextDoor is women-led startup with a vision to provide a platform to home-based chefs to collectively offer healthy, tasty and customized food to society and reduce the consumption of unhealthy outside foods.

Our vision is to support thousands of home food service entrepreneurs by helping them to start their own business with practically no investments and leveraging the skills and expertise they already have.

Be A Master Chef with Food Next Door!

The World is waiting for delectable meals and heart-stealing recipes. Let the Master Chef in you showcase the irresistible food skills to the larger audience and we will take the pleasure to help you with it.

Relish on the Home-cooked Food

Feast people’s eyes with the tantalizing home-cooked dishes.

Earn From Home

We assist you in building a personal brand and you can earn from home as a master chef.

Build Your Brand

Grab the opportunity to share your gourmet skills by embracing your passion for food.

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Intuitive Mobile App

We’ve put everything into one easy-to-use smartphone app so you can start your food business from the comfort of your own home. Everything is entirely free for you!

Why Choose Food Next Door(FND)?

Building Personal Brand
Be master Chef
Only You Are Boss
Follow your passion
Hassle-Free Online Payments
Set Your Work Schedule

Merchandise and Packing

We provide all required branded packing containers, aprons, bags and other tools to empower your cooking business.

Join As A Master Chef For Free !

Setup and guided onboarding
Mobile app
FSSAI Registration
Food Containers

Free only for the first few selected Master Chefs

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Our Team

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

tanvi kansara

Tanvi Kansara

We are empoweringly led by Tanvi Kansara who has been in the industry for the past 15 years as a Director of a Software Consultancy firm. She has been contributing to the strategic planning and execution with a vision to empower women. Building teams and planning a go-to market strategy is her passion in driving successful projects in her firm.

Mansi Sheth

We also have an enormous support and presence of Mrs. Sheth who brings in more than ten years of experience in designing and developing complex consumer-centric web and mobile applications with the latest technologies. Her zest towards technological aspects of things has helped many projects and businesses in advancing their technical craft.


Shital Katte

Shital hons the feather of MBA to her hat and is a passionate cook. She has an extensive experience and network in the food industry. Her passion for home-cooked food and her vivid knowledge in the food networking industry helps us in bringing a lot more to the table. She helps chefs to take their home food business to the next level with the help of technology.


Join us as a Chef Captain

Be a part of our core team and Join as Chef caption to mentor and help other chefs in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Something seems to be bothering you. Take a look at this compilation of frequently asked questions and their responses which covers all the important information.

Food Next Door’s main goal is to alleviate the misery and distress experienced by freshly arrived home-based cooks. The FND (Food Next Door) app will solve all your order, delivery and packaging problems and assist you in selling homecooked food. Download the homemade food app today to find a whole new way to share your love of cooking or to try out new cuisines!

Of course! Anyone can explore the opportunities of being a chef and share their skills with a like-minded community. We are constantly looking for talented chefs to join our team. Our chefs can pursue their passion for cooking while also earning extra money on our platform without devoting much time. Chefs can use our platform to launch and grow their culinary careers.

Cooking at home is becoming increasingly popular as a method to pamper oneself while keeping a healthy diet. Once you’ve signed up to be a chef on FND (Food Next Door), describe the forms of cuisines you’re most comfortable cooking and list your greatest 2-6 culinary creations for your local community. Select a convenient time to cook at our certified kitchen once you’ve received a minimum quantity order. We also provide all of the essential ingredients, groceries, cooking tools, and equipment, eliminating the need for you to bring anything.

No! FND (Food Next Door) allows you the privilege to create your own schedule according to your convenience, so you only have to cook when you want to. You can start selling your gourmet delights by using our platform.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India was established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India. The FSSAI is responsible for promoting and safeguarding public health at the state level by enacting, monitoring, and administering food safety.

Homemade food services is now a highly popular profession. People adopt this mode of business for a variety of reasons, including little investment and flexible profession. An FSSAI license or registration for a home-based food business is required to comply with regulatory standards. The kind of FSSAI licence required depends on the size and scope of the home-based food business.

  • Below 12 Lakhs – Registration FORM A
  • State License FORM B – 12 – 20 Lakhs 
  • Above 20 Lakhs -Central License FORM B
  • If a Food Business Operator operates in even more than one state, an extra Central License for the Head Office is required.
  • Importers can apply for a single central licence at their IEC address.
  • The regulations and requirements of registration must be followed by the food business operator.
  • One registration is allowed for an assumption with several sorts of enterprises.

We assist you in registering and provide all necessary assistance, and the first 100 masterchefs are free!

Customers can look at the foods on your menu that are available for immediate pickup or future dates. Customers can choose portion sizes, dish options, preferred pickup times, and any special requests via the FND (Food Next Door) app. Once the consumer has paid for the order, you’ll authenticate it and let them know when and where they may pick it up. You can chat directly with the consumer for convenient communication.

First of all, you do not pay us any fees like other delivery apps. We are aware of the situation of cook at home food delivery. Cooking can be intimidating, especially if you are a home cook preparing meals for others. We recognize that business can only be as successful as our Home Cooks, which is why we make it our mission to give you the tools and resources you need to succeed. For the time being, the FND (Food Next Door) app is entirely FREE * for home chefs to use.
* Only for a limited period!

Customers of FND (Food Next Door) are people from your neighborhood who are looking for novel, tasty, and fresh FND (Food Next Door) food to try.

We help you to get all the required documents, and it is free!

We make receiving payment simple. You can connect to the FND (Food Next Door) for the Home Chefs app and click the PAY ME option after any order has been completed for 72 hours. We immediately transfer the cash to your PayPal account. It’s as easy as that. You can also access your FND (Food Next Door) Chefs Portal at any time to examine orders, transactions, and payouts, as well as set up real-time notifications.


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