Fix Thali

The Fix Thali presents a complete and wholesome Indian meal experience. It features a balanced combination of elements, including dal (lentil soup), chaval (steamed rice), and roti (traditional flatbread). Complementing these staples is a flavorful sabji (vegetable dish), often prepared with a mix of seasonal vegetables and aromatic spices. This thoughtfully composed thali captures the …

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Bhaji Cone, Jamnagari Special 4 Pc

Indulge in the delightful Bhaji Cone, a signature offering from Jamnagar. This delectable creation presents a set of four uniquely crafted pieces, each brimming with the authentic flavors of the region. The golden-brown exterior encases a medley of finely chopped vegetables, delicately seasoned with a blend of aromatic spices. With a satisfying crunch on the …

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Gobi Onion Paratha -3pc

Gobi Onion Paratha is a delectable Indian flatbread that combines the goodness of cauliflower (gobi) and finely chopped onions. The mixture is folded into a wheat dough, rolled out, and cooked until golden and crispy on a griddle. This savory and flavorful paratha offers a delightful blend of textures and tastes, making it a popular …

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Moong Roti Paratha – 3pc

Moong paratha is a paratha stuffed with moong filling. It is traditionally eaten for breakfast. It is made using unleavened dough rolled with a mixture of mashed moong and spices which is cooked on a hot tawa with butter or ghee. moong paratha is usually served with butter, chutney, curd, or Indian pickles or can …

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Thepla – 6pc- Curd, Sukibhaji, Pickle, Garlic Chutney

Thepla, a Gujarati flatbread, is served with an accompaniment of creamy Curd, Sukibhaji (dry vegetable dish), tangy Pickle, and zesty Garlic Chutney. The soft and spiced theplas pair wonderfully with the cool curd, offering a satisfying contrast. The Sukibhaji contributes a textured vegetable element, while the pickle and garlic chutney enhance flavors with their bold …

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Bhungala Bateta – 2 People

Bhungala Bateta is a delectable Gujarati dish that combines roasted and spiced chickpea flour (bhungala) with tender chunks of boiled potatoes (bateta). This dish offers a harmonious blend of textures and flavors, with the crispy and flavorful chickpea flour coating complementing the softness of the potatoes. Seasoned with a medley of spices, it presents a …

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Ghughara Jamnagari Tikha – 8pc

Ghughara Jamnagari Tikha is a spicy and savory delicacy hailing from Jamnagar, India. It features a crispy outer layer made from chickpea flour, encasing a flavorful filling of spiced lentils, peas, and aromatic spices. This snack offers a tantalizing contrast of textures and tastes, with the outer shell providing crunch and the inner mixture delivering …

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