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Punjabi Thali

Immerse yourself in the culinary delights of Punjab with our Punjabi Thali, a feast that embodies the essence of this vibrant region’s cuisine. This delectable spread features a tantalizing assortment of dishes, including fragrant Basmati rice, creamy Dal Makhani, flavorful Sarson Ka Saag with Makki Ki Roti, succulent Tandoori chicken or paneer, and zesty Chole. …

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Dal Makhani 500gm

Dal Makhani is a delectable culinary creation renowned for its harmonious blend of creamy lentils and black gram, known as urad dal. This iconic Indian dish is celebrated for its rich, velvety texture and robust flavors. Slow-cooked with aromatic spices, tomatoes, and cream, Dal Makhani tantalizes the taste buds with its savory profile and subtle …

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Dosa with Chutney

Experience the epitome of South Indian culinary delight with this nutritious breakfast dish. Combining the goodness of rice, urad dal, and coconut with lentils, this wholesome creation is a treasure trove of health benefits and irresistible flavors. Each bite offers a symphony of textures and tastes, from the softness of rice to the creamy richness …

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Wheat Chapati Per Piece

Wheat Chapati, a staple in Indian cuisine, embodies simplicity and nourishment. Crafted from whole wheat flour, water, and a pinch of salt, this unleavened flatbread is a symbol of tradition and wholesomeness. Rolled thin and cooked on a hot griddle, it transforms into a soft, golden brown delight. With its earthy aroma and soft texture, …

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Paneer Butter Masala With 4chapati

Indulge in the perfect meal for lunch or dinner with Paneer Butter Masala accompanied by four soft and fluffy chapatis. This quintessential Indian dish combines the creamy richness of paneer, or Indian cottage cheese, with a flavorful tomato-based gravy infused with aromatic spices and a hint of butter. Each bite offers a delightful harmony of …

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Paneer Butter Masala 500gm

Indulge in the hearty flavors of this quintessential Punjabi delicacy – Paneer Makhani. Bursting with the richness of paneer cubes simmered in a luscious tomato-based gravy, this dish is a celebration of robust flavors and wholesome ingredients. Each velvety bite offers a symphony of spices, perfectly balanced to tantalize the taste buds. Pair it with …

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