Aaloo Paratha (with Butter)

Aaloo Paratha with Butter is a scrumptious Indian bread stuffed with a flavorful mashed potato filling and generously smeared with melted butter. The paratha is made by rolling out the dough, filling it with the seasoned potato mixture, and then cooking it on a griddle until golden brown. The addition of butter adds richness and …

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Aaloo Paratha (with Oil) (Min 2)

Aaloo Paratha with Oil is a popular Indian flatbread made with a savory potato filling. The parathas are prepared by kneading a dough with wheat flour, rolling it out, and stuffing it with a flavorful mixture of mashed potatoes and spices. Instead of using ghee or butter, these parathas are cooked on a griddle with …

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Palak Paneer Paratha (WITH OIL) (2 Piece – Serving For One)

Palak Paneer Paratha is a savory Indian flatbread stuffed with a delicious mixture of spinach and paneer (cottage cheese). The parathas are cooked to perfection using oil, which gives them a crispy and flaky texture. The combination of the flavorful filling and the oil-infused outer layer creates a mouthwatering culinary experience. Indulge in the wholesome …

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