Chul Mutton Thali

The Chul Mutton Thali offers a delectable feast, featuring half a kilogram of succulent Mutton Curry slow-cooked to perfection over smoldering coals. This hearty meal is complemented by half a kilogram of fragrant Indrayani Rice, accompanied by six traditional Jowar or Bajri Bhakar flatbreads. A refreshing salad adds a touch of freshness to this delightful …

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Jumbo Chicken Meal

Indulge in our Jumbo Chicken Meal Homemade, a flavorful feast that brings the comforts of homemade cuisine to your plate. This hearty meal includes four soft and freshly made chapatis, accompanied by a serving of succulent chicken sukka and a delectable chicken curry, both bursting with rich and aromatic spices. Serving as the perfect sidekick, …

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Jumbo Egg Meal

Our Jumbo Egg Meal Homemade is a delightful combination of homemade goodness. This hearty meal features four soft and fluffy chapatis, accompanied by two servings of flavorful egg bhurji and two portions of mouthwatering egg curry, each infused with aromatic spices. The meal also includes fragrant jeera rice that complements the rich flavors. A crisp …

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Jumbo Veg Meal

The Jumbo Veg Meal is a delightful culinary experience for vegetarians. This generous meal includes a medley of delicious components, starting with four freshly prepared chapatis that serve as the perfect base. Accompanying the chapatis is a serving of flavorful vegetable curry, rich in aromatic spices and textures. Fragrant jeera rice complements the curry, providing …

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Mini Egg Meal

The Mini Egg Meal offers a delightful combination of flavors and textures. It includes three homemade chapatis, two servings of aromatic egg curry, steamed rice, and a refreshing side salad. The tender eggs are simmered in a flavorful curry sauce, providing a rich and protein-packed component to the meal. With the addition of chapatis for …

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Mini Chicken Meal

The Mini Chicken Meal is a delectable and balanced offering. It features three homemade chapatis served alongside a flavorful chicken curry, steamed rice, and a side salad. The chicken curry is a tantalizing blend of tender chicken pieces cooked in a savory sauce rich with spices. With the chapatis for scooping, fragrant rice for a …

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Mini Veg Meal

The Mini Veg Meal is a delicious and nutritious option. It consists of three homemade chapatis, a flavorful dry vegetable dish, aromatic Dal (lentils), steamed rice, and a zesty pickle. The dry veg offers a delightful medley of spices and vegetables, while the Dal provides protein and comforting flavors. Paired with chapatis for a hearty …

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