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Dal Fry With Rice

Savor the comforting flavors of Dal Fry with Rice, a classic Indian dish. This hearty meal consists of perfectly cooked lentils simmered in a flavorful blend of spices and aromatic herbs. The dal is then served with steamed rice, creating a satisfying and balanced combination. Each spoonful is a delightful blend of textures and flavors, …

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Aloo Poori (1Plate With Raita+8 Poori)

Indulge in the deliciousness of Aloo Poori, a popular Indian dish that will leave you craving for more. This flavorful meal features fluffy deep-fried pooris served with a generous portion of spiced potato curry. The combination of soft, melt-in-your-mouth pooris and the aromatic potato curry is simply irresistible. To complement the meal, it is accompanied …

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Veg Pulao (1 Plate)

Enjoy a delightful serving of Veg Pulao, a fragrant and flavorful rice dish packed with a medley of vegetables. Each grain of rice is perfectly cooked and infused with aromatic spices, creating a mouthwatering blend of flavors. The vibrant vegetables add a refreshing crunch to the dish, making it a wholesome and satisfying meal. Whether …

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Kheer 250 Gram

Indulge in the creamy and sweet delight of Kheer, a traditional Indian rice pudding. Made with aromatic Basmati rice, milk, and a hint of cardamom, this dessert is rich, comforting, and lusciously creamy. The rice is cooked to perfection until it becomes soft and tender, absorbing the flavors of the milk and spices. Garnished with …

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Kadhi Chawal (Full)

Treat yourself to the tangy and flavorful Kadhi Chawal, a popular North Indian dish. Kadhi is a yogurt-based curry with a tangy and mildly spicy flavor, complemented by the aromatic blend of spices. Served with steamed Basmati rice, it creates a perfect combination of textures and flavors. The creamy and smooth Kadhi pairs beautifully with …

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Rajma Chawal (Full)

Delight in the classic Rajma Chawal, a beloved North Indian dish. Rajma, or red kidney beans, are cooked to perfection in a rich and flavorful tomato-based gravy. Served alongside steamed Basmati rice, it creates a hearty and comforting meal. The tender and creamy beans, combined with aromatic spices, offer a delightful burst of flavors in …

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Dahi Bhalle (4 Pieces)

Indulge in the delightful Dahi Bhalle, a popular Indian snack. Soft and fluffy lentil dumplings, known as vadas, are soaked in creamy yogurt and topped with tangy tamarind chutney and spicy mint chutney. The contrasting flavors of sweet, sour, and spicy create a perfect balance in every bite. The coolness of the yogurt complements the …

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