Jam And Gems Cookies (200 Gm)

Jam and gems cookies are delightful, bite-sized treats that combine the sweetness of fruit jam with the colorful charm of gem-shaped candies. These cookies are a visual delight, with their golden-brown, buttery base adorned with vibrant, jewel-like candies. The texture is a perfect fusion of soft and crumbly, with a gooey center from the jam. …

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Oats And Chocolate Cookies (200 Gms)

Oats and chocolate cookies are scrumptious treats that marry the hearty wholesomeness of oats with the indulgent richness of chocolate. These golden-brown, slightly crinkled cookies offer a delightful blend of textures. They’re chewy from the oats and delightfully crunchy thanks to chocolate chips or chunks. With every bite, you experience a harmonious balance of flavors, …

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Coconut Cookies (200 Gm)

Coconut cookies are a delightful treat with a tropical twist. These cookies are crafted with shredded coconut, which adds a unique texture and a sweet, nutty flavor. They are often made with a buttery, tender dough that complements the coconut’s natural sweetness. Baked to a perfect golden-brown, these cookies have a satisfying crunch on the …

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Chocolate Vanilla Cookies (200 Gms)

Chocolate vanilla cookies are a delightful fusion of flavors. These cookies feature a buttery vanilla base mixed with chocolate chips or cocoa powder, creating a mouthwatering contrast between sweet and chocolaty richness. They are typically baked to a perfect balance of crisp edges and soft centers, offering a satisfying texture. Often adorned with a drizzle …

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