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White Pasta

Experience a divine rendition of the classic pasta dish with our White Pasta. This creation is a creamy and cheesy delight, featuring a velvety white sauce that envelops a medley of vegetables. It’s the epitome of comfort food, offering a rich and indulgent flavor profile that’s both satisfying and heartwarming. Each bite is a journey …

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Red Pasta

Indulge in the delightful flavors of our Red Pasta, a tomato-based culinary masterpiece seasoned with a medley of pan-tossed vegetables. This dish embodies the essence of classic Italian cuisine, featuring the aromatic notes of basil, oregano, and garlic. Each bite offers an unparalleled satisfaction for your Italian appetite, with the rich, savory tomato sauce complemented …

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BBQ Nachos.

Savor the smoky and savory goodness of our BBQ Nachos. This delightful dish features crispy tortilla chips generously adorned with rich BBQ sauce, flavorful beans, and a luscious soft cheese sauce. To complete the experience, it comes served with a side of vibrant salsa, providing a refreshing and tangy contrast. BBQ Nachos are the perfect …

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Pizza Nachos.

Experience the ultimate fusion of Mexican and Italian flavors with our Pizza Nachos. This appetizing dish begins with crispy tortilla chips generously topped with zesty pizza sauce, roasted bell peppers that add a smoky sweetness, and a blanket of melty Mozzarella cheese. It’s then served alongside a side of vibrant salsa for that extra kick …

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Fries Salted With Pizza Fries.

Satisfy your cravings with our tempting duo: Fries Salted and Pizza Fries. The Salted option offers classic plain French fries, lightly salted to perfection, delivering that familiar and comforting crunch. For a more indulgent experience, our Pizza Fries take the spotlight. These French fries are generously smothered with layers of gooey Mozzarella cheese, tangy pizza …

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Spicy Paneer Tikka Burger (2 Piece)

The Spicy Paneer Tikka Burger is a fiery delight that features succulent pieces of paneer tikka, enhanced with zesty chutney, slices of onion, juicy tomato, and a tantalizing tandoori mayo. This burger packs a spicy punch, where the smoky, grilled flavors of the paneer tikka blend harmoniously with the cool and creamy mayo, making every …

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Veggie Tango Burger (2 Piece).

The Veggie Tango Burger is a delightful creation featuring a hearty veg patty generously topped with creamy cheese, mayonnaise, crisp lettuce, slices of onion, and juicy tomato. This burger offers a harmonious dance of flavors and textures, where the richness of the patty and cheese meets the freshness of the vegetables, creating a satisfying and …

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Jumbo Thali

The Jumbo Thali offers a hearty and complete meal experience. It includes a comforting serving of dal (lentils) accompanied by two flavorful vegetable dishes, served alongside four soft and warm phulkas (Indian flatbreads). The meal is rounded out with fragrant jeera rice, a refreshing side salad, a sweet dessert, and a palate-cleansing mouth freshener. This …

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