Chef Rusik(ID:418)

Chef Special Hakka Noodles

The Chef’s Special Hakka Noodles are a delectable fusion of flavors and textures. Tender noodles are stir-fried to perfection with an assortment of fresh, crisp vegetables, enhancing the dish with vibrant colors and delightful crunch. The aromatic blend of spices and sauces adds depth, creating a harmonious balance that tantalizes the taste buds. This signature …

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Chef Special Rajma Chawal

The Chef’s Special Rajma Chawal is a cherished culinary delight. Slow-cooked kidney beans, simmered in a flavorful, aromatic gravy, harmoniously complement perfectly steamed rice. The rich, robust sauce, infused with a blend of spices, exudes a tantalizing aroma and a comforting, hearty taste. This dish embodies the essence of traditional Indian cuisine, offering a symphony …

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Sechezwan Frid Rice

Szechuan Fried Rice, a culinary marvel, presents a delightful fusion of flavors and textures. Fragrant jasmine rice wok-tossed to perfection with an assortment of fresh vegetables, succulent meats, and aromatic spices, creating a harmonious blend that entices the palate. The dish’s star lies in the fiery Szechuan sauce—a tantalizing concoction of spicy, tangy, and slightly …

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Paneer Pulav

Paneer Pulao, a culinary treasure, marries fragrant basmati rice with succulent paneer cubes in a symphony of flavors. The dish boasts an aromatic blend of whole spices gently infused into the rice, rendering it aromatic and enticing. Tender pieces of paneer, sautéed with a medley of vibrant vegetables, impart a delightful contrast of textures and …

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Chatpata Chana Chaat

Chatpata Chana Chaat, an irresistible medley of flavors and textures, brings together chickpeas, vibrant vegetables, and zesty spices in a tantalizing fusion. Tangy tamarind chutney and zippy mint-coriander sauce coat the chickpeas, enhancing their taste with a burst of sweet and tangy flavors. The addition of diced onions, tomatoes, and crunchy sev lends a delightful …

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Meduvada Sambhar

Medu Vada Sambhar is a South Indian culinary masterpiece, featuring crispy, golden-brown lentil donuts known as “Medu Vada” served with aromatic and flavorful sambhar. The Medu Vada, made from urad dal, boasts a crunchy exterior and a soft, pillowy interior. Paired with the fragrant, tangy sambhar—a lentil-based stew enriched with assorted vegetables and a melange …

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Idli-Sambhar is a quintessential South Indian delicacy comprising soft, steamed rice cakes (idlis) served with a side of flavorful sambhar. The idlis, made from a batter of fermented rice and lentils, are light, fluffy, and mildly tangy. Paired with the aromatic and savory sambhar—a delectable lentil-based stew enriched with assorted vegetables and aromatic spices—this dish …

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