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With the advancement of technology, individuals now look for a smartphone app to complete any task. Everything is ordered using mobile apps, from paying online bills to purchasing groceries. People in larger cities with a large number of young professionals don’t have much time to prepare food. Food Delivery Apps have arrived in India to make the job even easier.

Register in the app after downloading it from Google Play or the App Store. Choosing a menu from which to have meals delivered to your door. Most young IT professionals and other office workers found this way of placing a meal order online to be too simple, saving them a lot of time. In Indian cities such as Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Gujarat, Vadodara, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, online meal delivery websites and smartphone applications are quite popular.



Masala Box is a convenient one-stop-shop for all of your handmade culinary cravings. Masala Box provides door-to-door delivery of home-cooked meals and delights.

All of our goods are handcrafted from scratch by home cooks with love and care, using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. We have a network of home cooks who love to cook and make delectable homemade food.

Subscribing to our Meal Plans allows you to plan your meals ahead of time and have them delivered to your door. Masala Box tiffins delivery service can be tailored to your preferences, dietary restrictions, budget, and convenience.



Learn & Discover Authentic and traditionally Indian home cooking from many cultures. Every dish, prepared by the best Home Chefs, raises the bar in terms of taste, health, hygiene, and cleanliness. By providing everyone with a range of cuisines and recipes for meals, cakes, and sweets, we are resurrecting the culture of home-cooked food. Onboarding the best Home Chefs is an extremely stringent process at Homefoodi. Every Home chef is visited by a Homefoodi team who checks for Food Tasting, Food Quality, Kitchen Hygiene and Cleanliness, and Packaging Standards.

All of our Home Chefs are FSSAI certified.

Ghar Ghar Start-Up & Healthy India”: Motivate every homemaker to contribute to the nation’s development by providing a platform for them to earn money from home as a Home Chef. Offer healthy and hygienic home-made food and cakes to create a fit and healthy India.

Food next door


The Food next door is a convenient home cook food app that offers a revolutionary takeout ordering service that delivers fresh, easy homemade food from your next-door neighbour right to your door. Find local home-based cooks in your neighbourhood, explore their menus, and assign the cooking to them! Discover a whole new way to eat by food selling app.

Homemade cuisine is an irresistible temptation for any foodie and now here’s the opportunity to show your skills to the rest of the world through a home food delivery app. All cuisines are wrapped up in hearty dishes and served with the touch of professional and artistic chefs through a home-cooked food delivery app. 

Chef Buddy 


Chef Buddy is a management solution for the food industry that makes day-to-day operations easier. You may construct a digital kitchen, save all orders in one location, track payments, and check profitability. It does not, however, supply new buyers, and in order to accept orders, you must publish your kitchen link on chat and social media.



MyKhaana has created a network of ‘KitchenStars,’ or home chefs. KitchenStars prepare meals in their own homes and share regional specialties with you. Are you tired of tiffin food that delivers you the same aloo subzi every day? Are you sick of eating greasy, stale restaurant food? Our KitchenStars give you their delicacies – regional or otherwise – on MyKhaana! Do you have a hankering for some Punjabi Aloo Paranthas? Sindhi daal kadhi, perhaps? Maybe varan bhaat from Maharashtra? How about Baingan Bhaja in Kolkata? Or perhaps some simple comfort food, such as daal chawal? They’ve got your back! Place your order right now!



Healthy home cooking isn’t difficult to come by, but it’s rare and unstable with the present so-called home cooking options, and restaurants are unfathomable. With the current viral outbreak, everyone deserves a wholesome home-cooked lunch that does not compromise on sanitation. If you believe that only moms can make that kind of food, we have hundreds of mothers ready to help you. Our mission is to give healthy homemade cuisine created by home-chefs, much like your mom, to cook you a healthy, sanitary, and handmade dinner that will make your stomach happy and your well-being fulfilled.



Oota Box has worked with home cooks in over 70 different locales. The food is prepared in their own homes, and they go to great lengths to ensure that it is fresh, hot, healthful, and hygienic and that it is delivered in a nicely wrapped meal box.

Customers can utilise the platform to locate a chef in their area, connect with them to make an order, and have the food picked up or delivered if the chef offers it. You may list your menu, pricing, and other details on the platform. Customers will contact you to place an order and choose whether to pick up the food or use your delivery service if one is available.



Home chefs can now share their delectable cooking with neighbours in search of delectable homemade fare. If you enjoy cooking and making others happy with your great food, this is the job for you. For you, Foodybuddy is the ideal platform. You may share your great dishes with residents in your own neighbourhood with a food buddy.



Eathomie allows you to order from local home cooks and tiffin delivery services. Find a home cook you enjoy, look over their menu, and place your order – that’s all there is to it! The most practical approach to plan your lunch and dinner – on a daily basis.



Watscooking is a sharing economy or Collaborative Consumption platform where people contribute their skills and experience to their community. Our mission is to enable homemakers to take advantage of their skills and earn money from the comfort of their own homes.

Watscooking has three key areas in which homemakers can earn money from their homes.

The Home Café allows Home Chefs to market their freshly prepared meals. The true flavour of Indian food can only be experienced when it is prepared at home with freshly ground masalas. The aroma and flavour of freshly produced masalas from home will be unlike anything you’ll find at a commercial restaurant.

The Home Boutique – The boutique allows homemakers to market their handmade items such as paintings, arts and crafts, gift items, and more.

The Home Academy encourages homemakers to use their expertise to provide home-based classes such as Home Tuitions, Music, Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Cooking classes, and so on. The classes can be delivered via Google Hangouts, on-site, or at the consumers’ doorstep.


Home Food delivery applications have simplified life for the busy, stressed-out urban Indian who would rather order food over the phone than prepare. Food delivery apps are gaining in popularity like never before, thanks to its affordability, variety of options, free home delivery, and other advantages.

According to statistics, India will have 500 million mobile internet users. There’s no doubting that mobile apps have become our go-to partners for anything and everything. Mobile apps have made our lives so much easier, from paying bills to ordering groceries over the phone.

Food delivery apps on demand are handy and simple to use, and they offer tempting savings and faster delivery.


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