Missing Maa ke hath ka khana? Manage everyday meals from breakfast to dinner with these home chef apps

We all understand that maa ke hath ka khana is what offers joy to our life, and ordering meals online via restaurant food ordering applications is not a safe alternative. It is critical to eat homemade cuisine on a daily basis in order to maintain a balanced diet, which has become even more crucial in recent years. The home cooked food delivery app manages daily meal plan.

When people relocate to a major city like Noida, Gujrat, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Vadodara the first thing they say is how much they miss their home meals, hence home made Tiffin Service in Ahmedabad, Home made Tiffin Service in Vadodara, Gujarati Tiffin Service in Vadodara, home made tiffin service rajkot gujarat, Jain Tiffin Service in Rajkot, Best Tiffin service in Surat, Tiffin service in Surat Adajan become a need. For young working professionals or college students, juggling work and cooking can be difficult.

Even if one hires a Cooking maid in Vadodara, the additional responsibility of grocery shopping and managing domestic help schedules can be difficult for most individuals. As a result, it’s understandable why the majority of people opt for healthy chef prepared meals.

If you’re having difficulty finding a nutritious meal, try out Food Next Door (FND), which provides home made food service and the nearby suburbs of Greater Noida, Gujrat, Surat extension.

We have built our homemade food selling app in a short period of time, which adequately satisfies the food desires of students and office workers, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So that they manage their meals even if they miss Missing Maa ke hath ka khana in an unknown city.

Here are some of the curated food dishes which is added as per the meal plan: 


A healthy and delicious breakfast can provide a kick-start to the day, just as a light, nutritional, and healthy supper meal ensures that your digestive health is in order. Indian cuisine is well-known for its healthy and wholesome foods, as well as its tasty and delightful regional delicacies. There are so many nutritious Indian recipes that may make your morning more enjoyable than ever, from south India’s famed upma, uttapam, and idli to north India’s famous poha, parathas, and cheelas. Because, even if you’re pressed for time, you deserve a satisfying best homemade food.

Even if you’re busy with other things, you deserve a good breakfast first thing in the morning.

Here’s the recommendation for a healthy breakfast:


Poha is a popular breakfast that is eaten nearly everywhere in the country. It is light, healthy, and quick to cook. And the best part is that you can make it in a variety of ways. Some examples include Kanda poha, soya poha, Indori poha, and Nagpur Tari Poha.


Upma is a traditional South Indian breakfast dish. This recipe for a robust morning meal uses protein-rich urad dal and semolina, as well as crisp vegetables and curd. It has a delightful south-Indian taste with some grated coconut on top.

Moong Dal Cheela

Moong dal is a delicacy in Indian families and is used in a variety of Indian dishes. Moong dal cheela is one such delicacy. This meal can also be made with paneer to boost the nutritional content and make it even more protein-dense.


Idli is a popular breakfast dish because it’s light, nutritional, and satisfying. Combine idli with coconut chutney and sambar for a quick and easy breakfast.

Mix Veg Paratha

Mix vegetable paratha dish will provide you with a perfect blend of nutrients and flavour! Combine it with Dahi, chutney, or achaar for a quick and healthy breakfast.


Our metabolism is at its peak during the lunch hour. You’re feeling a little tired and looking forward to your first extended break of the day. You can eat at your desk or a tiny table in the office cafeteria, but remember that lunch helps you recuperate from the first half of your day and recharges you for what’s to come. That’s why it needs to be the perfect balance of protein, fibre, sugar, and fat – in other words, everything good.

Here’s the recommendation for a healthy lunch:

Chana Kulcha

It is a popular traditional dish. Only a few ingredients are required for the classic chana kulcha: cumin powder, ginger, coriander powder, carom powder, and mango powder, which is responsible for the sour and tangy flavour of the chana.

Shahi Egg Curry

Eggs are a versatile food that may be eaten at any time of day. Mildly flavoured egg curry with garlic, onions, a tonne of Kasuri methi, fresh cream, yoghurt, and fresh coriander. It goes well with plain chapati, paratha, rice, biryani, or pulao. You can also serve it with pickles.

Kolhapuri Veg Curry

Kolhapur veggies are a vegetarian meal from Maharashtra cooked with a string of wonderful vegetables, ginger-garlic paste, chopped onion, cinnamon, cloves, and a lot of coconuts.

Kala Chana and Coconut Stew

You should try a light stew made with delicate veggies like zucchini, eggplant, bottle gourd, and black channa. Especially if you’re searching for a quick and healthy fix.

Paneer Achari

Don’t be scared by the ingredient list; not only will they be in your kitchen cabinet, but they’ll just take 20 minutes of your time. Cottage cheese chunks cooked in a spicy sauce with yoghurt and a touch of honey.

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is a Punjabi dish. Dal Makhani is a traditional Indian meal with several varieties found in different parts of the country and abroad. This delectable, creamy dal recipe is filled with butter and maybe served with naan or paratha or boiled rice.


We agree that cooking dinner seven nights a week might be difficult. When you’re served a hot plate of food rather than standing in the kitchen for hours. What will be cooked tonight is constantly considered in terms of how to do it easily and fast. We understand that you are exhausted following a long day at work and want to make something that is simple and quick to make. So, it appears that we have heard your struggle and have compiled a list of delectable easy homemade food to make your life in the kitchen a little easier.

Paneer Bhurji

Bhurji Paneer Paneer bhurji is a popular dish, and this simple variation can be prepared in a matter of minutes. Scrambled paneer is topped with chaat masala and fried with caramelised onions, turmeric, and chilli powder.

Jeera Vegetable

A medley of potatoes, carrots, and spinach cooked with cumin for a peppery flavour. The incredible flavour that jeera has to offer is irresistible.

Tomato Paneer

Paneer with Tomatoes Cottage cheese chunks mixed in olive oil with tomato puree, a touch of sugar, and mild seasonings is another low-fat dinner option.

Creamy Mushroom Ragout

This creamy mushroom dish with mustard and onions is a nice twist from the usual. This one recipe will undoubtedly leave you wanting more.

Veg fried rice

Layers of vegetables and masalas are slowly cooked into the rice. A lovely medley that will win many hearts around the dinner table.

Tamatar Chaaman

Cottage cheese chunks fried and served with hot and spicy tomato gravy. For spice connoisseurs, the Kashmiri pleasure is a wonderful treat.

Masala Bhindi

In a pan, mix mustard oil, jeera, fennel seeds, turmeric, and bhindi until cooked. Serve the bhindi with roti, paratha, or plain. If you enjoy bhindi, this easy bhindi dish will leave you wanting more.

Customers can order delectable homemade food products from the best home chefs in Noida, all of whom have outstanding culinary talents and a passion for cooking. Because these home cooks have a curated selection of over 1000 menu alternatives, the mobile app’s simplicity allows one to book their favourite cuisine. People can schedule Dishes for today or any future date, which makes it a convenient experience. With a selected staff of over two hundred home chefs, Food Next Door has set the standard for food delivery in different cities.

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