Quick and Simple Treats for Your Next Potluck Party


People from diverse cultures, religions, and gastronomic preferences can come together over food in unexpected ways. Food is what keeps us there, working its magic and bringing us all together. Of course, people, music, and endless talks are also a component of a social gathering. A “potluck” is one such social event that is currently popular, especially among women. At a potluck party, each guest brings a dish to share, sharing the host’s responsibility for “cooking for a bunch.”

Here is the list of Quick and Simple Treats for Your Next Potluck Party

Pasta Salad

Consider bringing spaghetti salad if you want to bring something unique to your potluck gathering. The best part about this dish is how easy it is to make and how it appears to have been prepared in a professional kitchen. So give this pasta salad dish a try; we’re confident you’ll succeed on your very first try!

Chicken Tikka

This Instant Pot recipe with Indian influences will stand out from the typical casseroles at the picnic. The juicy chicken is served with wholesome vegetables like cauliflower and tomatoes and is seasoned with flavorful herbs, yogurt, and lemon juice. To make the orangey-red sauce, which is sure to be a show-stopper, you’ll need just about every spice you have in your kitchen.

Mini Rawa Uttapam


There is very few people who do not enjoy South Indian cuisine. If you have the time and energy to cook for a crowd, you can serve delicious dosa, idli, and uttapam during a celebration. Making a little version of uttapam for your potluck dinner would be a good idea since idli would likely be available and dosa and uttapam might take a long time to cook. Mini rawa uttapams, which take less time to prepare and are ideal for breakfast, snacks, and even dinner, can be made in place of the regular uttapam.



A potluck would be ideal for pasta salad. It can be prepared days in advance and will stay fresh at room temperature during the meal. Black beans are a good source of fiber in this tasty dish, and avocado, which is good for the heart, gives the dressing a creamy texture.

Milk Pedha


Another dessert that is a great choice for people just starting out in the kitchen is milk pedha. Make milk pedhas if you don’t want to feel inferior because your friend’s dish appears like it came “from the expert’s kitchen” while you learn how to use a pressure cooker. The simplest to manufacture, they. Try this easy recipe for milk pedha, which is created using condensed milk and milk powder, and you’ll be the party’s star cook.

Steamed Momos


In India, momos are a common street snack that can be prepared in a vegetarian or non-vegetarian way, depending on your preferences. Make momos a few hours before you are scheduled to leave for the party because they are delicious when served hot.

Cheese cake


If you love Mexican cuisine, you’ll adore this Sopapilla cheesecake bar. This dessert essentially consists of two layers of pastry wrapped around a creamy cheese filling. The entire bar is then liberally sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

This dish is hearty, reassuring, and utterly filling. It’s simple to store leftovers in the refrigerator for later pleasure. Given how incredibly rich and mouthwatering this cheesecake bar is, you probably won’t have any leftovers to cope with.

Paneer Cutlet

Indians, especially vegetarians, adore food made with paneer (cottage cheese), with paneer cutlets being one of the most popular. They are the perfect starter for your potluck gathering and make a fantastic appetizer that you can prepare quickly.

Apple Rabdi

Without desserts, a gathering wouldn’t be complete. Desserts are the ideal way to cap off a wonderful gathering. Make this easy dessert with minimal effort if you want to give your potluck gathering the ideal finish. People all around India enjoy rabdi, a well-known sweet treat from Uttar Pradesh. Add apples for a distinctive touch.



Gujarati Khandvi is a well-liked snack. It is the perfect snack for a potluck gathering because it is made with buttermilk and gramme flour (besan). Your friends will be begging you for more of this delicious dinner. Here is a recipe for khandvi.

Custard Pie

Don’t you just adore a traditional Southern sweet treat? This upscale custard dish, which has been around for more than 200 years, holds a particular place in the hearts of many people. It is as rich, silky, and decadent as the name would imply. To put it simply, a custard pie is made by enclosing an uncooked custard mixture in a flaky pie crust. This delicious delight has a fantastic, slightly eggy flavor, with eggs and milk frequently taking centre stage.

You will almost certainly fall to your knees after just one taste. You won’t believe how very simple it is to make this dessert. Consider adding some cinnamon to the top as a final touch.

Paneer Majestic

A traditional Hyderabadi appetizer prepared in a flavorful yoghurt-based sauce is called Paneer Majestic. Enjoy this mouthwatering paneer dish made in the tradition of southern India with rice or as an appetizer.

Gobi Manchurian


One of my all-time favorite Indo-Chinese type street foods is gobi Manchurian. A guilt-free method to indulge frequently is to fry the cauliflower in an air fryer.

Crisp Cookies


An exceptional old-fashioned dish that shows pure taste and doesn’t need to be decorated is the angel crisp cookie. These cookies don’t have a lot of decorative decorations. Brown sugar, eggs, vanilla, shortening, and butter are the only ingredients.

The small coating of sparkling, crunchy sugar on top pairs beautifully with the texture’s delicate, sensitive, and airy qualities. Think about biting into something and experiencing the flavors dance on your tongue. These cookies are absolutely deserving of the term “angel crisp.”Even while the majority of bakers serve this delight plain, you can always add some flair with sprinkles or cream icing.

Sev Puri Chat


Chaat, a very well-known Mumbai street meal, includes sev puri. Sev puri is one of the simplest Indian appetizers if you’re looking for something to bring to a gathering.

Paneer Crispy Fingers

These paneer fingers make a delicious evening snack since they are soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. You can’t just stop at one.

Final Thoughts

A few decades ago, the idea of potluck gatherings was unheard of in our nation. nevertheless, no longer! Any positive change should always be appreciated. Make one dish for your potluck party by choosing from the list above. Both these dishes’ presentation and flavor are excellent. People who appreciate food are the best kind of people, so if you find some of them, party hard, eat lots of delicious food, and enjoy.


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