9 Sugar-Free Desserts | Sugar-Free Sweets You Can Make At Home!


Sugar-free sweets and desserts are the most guilt-free approach to satisfy your sweet taste. We’ve compiled a selection of sugar-free dishes for you to try at home so you may indulge in delicious sweets guilt-free.

Are you already salivating at the prospect of a sumptuous chocolate pudding, a delectable cheesecake, or a rich bowl of kheer? So, let’s give it a big thumbs up! You’ve come to the perfect place if you have a sweet tooth and can’t stop yourself from eating a dessert when you see one but need to avoid sugar. Sugar is a no-no if you have diabetes and have been told to avoid it, or if you want to lose weight. In such instances, no matter how appealing a dessert may appear, the copious amounts of refined sugar utilised in it will add calories to your diet while also raising your blood sugar levels. The food next door offers the best homemade food.

But does this imply that you have to give up all sweets? No. While you should cut back on your sugar binges, maintaining a healthy balance is still important. If we prevent ourselves from enjoying too much, we will become more frustrated, which will lead to binge eating. It’s all about finding the right balance when it comes to a sugar-free diet. As a general guideline, those who want to cut down on sugar for various reasons should avoid high-sugar foods and beverages, but they shouldn’t go all-out on a diet devoid of sweet indulgences. To keep blood sugar levels under control, all you have to do is choose wisely and restrict portions in a well-planned schedule of modest and frequent meals.

While eating a well-balanced diet and avoiding refined sugar items are excellent ways to control blood sugar, did you know you can still indulge in your favourite chocolate mousse or a bowl of luscious rice pudding? You may always have your favourite homemade sugar-free ice cream, sugar-free cake, or other sugar-free treats thanks to healthier sugar substitutes like coconut sugar, jaggery, and honey.

We’ve compiled a list of the best sugar-free desserts that you can make at home.

Almond Barfi


This wonderful sugar-free sweet, excellent as a Christmas treat, can be made with just three ingredients and less than half an hour. Recipe for homemade grilled barfi with roasted and crushed almonds, grated khoya, and sugar substitute mixed together and baked to perfection.

Mousse de figs


This delicate, sugar-free delicacy has a powerful lingering sweet flavour that would stay with you for a long time, thanks to the goodness of figs cooked with china grass (agar agar), cinnamon, and milk.

Phirni with Two Methods


This creamy sweet rice pudding is a rich mix of almonds, milk, and cardamom with layered flavours of pistachio and rose essence, making it a two-in-one treat to enjoy after dinner. It’s ideal for holiday gatherings!

Mocha And Prune Cheesecake


Who doesn’t enjoy a slice of delicious cheesecake? Isn’t it the nicest ever dessert to enjoy when it has coffee, the health of prunes, and is completely sugar-free? This rich and indulgent sugar-free cake is ideal for satisfying your sweet craving since it combines the health benefits and natural sweetness of prunes with the bittersweet flavour of coffee, making it even more special.

Malpoi Khaas


Halwa, crepes, and the good old classic Indian dessert, rabri, combine to make an intriguing fusion dish. Sugar-free carrot halwa is filled with crepes cooked with aniseed, cardamom, mawa, milk, and flour at Khas malpoi. It’s served atop a lovely bed of rabri with pistas and almonds on top.

Rice Pudding with No Sugar


A delightful pineapple variation on rice pudding! This sugar-free recipe has the natural sweetness of milk and is served with a pineapple compote that employs a sugar alternative on top, thanks to the goodness of lemongrass, lime leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg simmered in coconut milk with cooked rice. You can, however, prepare it without one.

Mousse de Chocolat et de Coco


Chocolate and coconut mousse has a luscious ganache of chocolate and coconut milk blended with whipped cream, making it the ideal sugar-free treat to make when you want to feast on something deliciously sweet without losing control of your sugar levels.

Coconut Ragi Laddoo


You can make these healthful and tasty ladoos ahead of time and keep them in the freezer for those unexpected sweet cravings. They are both healthful and delectable, as they are prepared with ragi and coconut. This dish calls for jaggery as a sweetener, which is also beneficial for keeping your body warm in the winter.

Faldhari Badam ki Barfi


A sugar-free and healthy Mithai to enjoy this holiday season without having to worry about your health! This wonderful festive dessert combines mawa with the goodness of nuts such as walnuts, figs, and almonds.


It’s difficult to say no to a sweet treat, yet they frequently make us feel bad. The copious amounts of refined sugar needed to make them appealing end up adding unwanted calories to our day, tipping the scales to the wrong side. We’ve made things easier for you. You don’t have to give up your favourite desserts or fight your urges any longer. These delectable treats are so decadent that you won’t believe they’re sugar-free. To add natural sweetness, these sugar-free recipes combine dry fruits and fresh fruits, as well as healthier sugar substitutes like jaggery or honey. Some recipes call for sugar replacements like stevia, but you can completely eliminate them and still have a great dessert.

If you’re trying to reduce sugar out of your diet, there’s no reason to forgo dessert. A fantastic sugar-free dessert recipe is all your sweet tooth wants. These dishes will wow you with everything from decadent cakes and pies to delectable cookies and a few ice cream treats. They don’t use processed sugars at all, instead of depending on natural sweeteners and fruits to give them a sweet, decadent flavour.

While becoming sugar-free may seem difficult, these sugar-free sweets and desserts can help you satisfy your desires in a healthy way! Try them out and let us know which sugar-free recipes you prefer in the comments section below.


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