Places in India Whose Local Food You Must Try


Notice the warm smile on your face and the drool in your mouth? A fellow gourmet has been observed. If you’re looking for a complete list of what regional foods in India are good and worth traveling across the country for, this is the list for you.



Banaras has something delicious for every food enthusiast, whether it’s the rich spread of several types of chaat, the ghee-dripping baati, or the frothy, creamy bliss of the malaiyo! The Malaiyo, a Banaras winter specialty, is made by putting flavored milk out overnight to be tempered by the morning dew. Chowk – Godowlia is the place to go if you’re looking for a more nuanced Subah-e-Banaras experience. Chicken Tikka and Achari Murgh at Hotel Lallan, Madanpura, are a must-try for non-vegetarians. The smoky, buttery deliciousness of coal-roasted beef is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.



Hyderabadi cuisine is a fusion of Mughlai, Turkish, and Arabic cooking traditions, with hints of Telugu and Marathawada cuisines thrown in for good measure. This is, without a doubt, a dish with many facets. Try the Kachhe Gosht ki Biryani, one of the several types of Biryani available in Telangana’s capital. Haleem, Paaya, Hyderabadi Marag, and other delights are among them. The sweetmeats are also delicious. You’ll almost certainly gain a kilo or two after your trip to Hyderabad!

Arunachal Pradesh


If you enjoy distinctive flavors and regional cuisines, this is another area in India worth visiting. When it comes to food, different parts of the state have diverse tastes, but apang, a rice beer made from fermented rice, is a popular drink. The culinary system here revolves around rice, beef, and fish, and none of the dishes will let you down! Another great Tibetan dish in Arunachal is thukpa.



This is true of every aspect of the paradisaical territory that we humans refer to as Kashmir. Kashmir’s regional cuisine is diverse. This is Elysium for non-vegetarians. To get those juices flowing, try the Goshtaba (meatballs in a creamy gravy), Yakhni (lamb in a yogurt-based gravy), or the famed Rogan Josh. Don’t expect to be disappointed if you’re a vegetarian. Kashmir will not turn you away if you are dissatisfied. For some soulful food love, try the Dum Olav (a potato specialty similar to dum aloo) and Kashmiri tea. Kashmiri cuisine adds to the charm of the already magnificent Kashmir.



Goa is one of those destinations where you go for the complete experience. For many reasons, Goan cuisine is fantastic. This is a seafood-based dish that will leave you smelling your fingers for days due to the deep richness of the flavors employed. Coconut milk, tamarind, and chilli come together to create an experience you’ll remember till you’re old and reflect on the moments you’ve been grateful for in your life. Prawns, mussels, crabs, lobsters, mackerel, tuna, and salmon are just a few of the exquisite seafood options available to seafood aficionados. When it comes to Goan cuisine, vindaloo and prawn curry are our top picks.



Pondicherry is a French colony in more ways than one, and French food is at its core. The food quality of this lovely town is marked by amazing South Indian and French cuisine. Make sure you taste the food at the Auroville Cafeteria, which is simple but delicious.


Darjeeling is a gourmet haven for its combination of Bengali, British, and North-Eastern influence, so try momos or thukpa, or fish delights cooked to beat the cold, or the exquisite alu dum. Try the exquisite French and British meals that seem like tongue twisters on the menu but taste like bits of heaven in the mouth at the small little cafés. Food-wise, it was a delightful experience for all! Also, if you enjoy tea, here is the place to be! Darjeeling not only has a plethora of tea gardens, but it also adores tea enthusiasts!



Himachali cuisine is characterized by the use of aromatic herbs and spices, a heavy roti diet, and a variety of mouthwatering meals. The food pie chart here is dominated by red meat. Madra, Pateek, and Chouck are some of the foods to taste. Madra, which is made from chickpeas, yoghurt, coconut, and almonds, takes the cake. It’s cooked for hours to achieve the ideal consistency and flavor. When you’re in Himachal, make sure to sample this!



Aamchi Mumbai is a foodie’s dream come true! Bombil Fry, sandwiches, falooda, Frankies, delicious Modaks, and a delectable seafood buffet are all available. Who can deny the bhel puri and sev puri, which have become synonymous with Mumbai? Gujarati, Maharastrian, and Parsee influences combine to shock the world of every foodie here. Mumbai has long promised easy access to food, from street food in Gallis to food trucks and canteens. Mumbai, India’s financial capital, also features some of the best cafes. Keep your search for hidden gems in the Queen of Food’s city going.



Gujarat is the place in the country that prepares the best vegan food using ingredients other than our precious green vegetables. Our mantra of inner calm and contentment is Dhoklas, Khakhras, Khandwis, Theplas, and ghughra. We are grateful that food is the most important aspect of a Gujarati household!



Food-wise, this lovely town has a lot to offer. On the journey up to Araku Valley, sample the delicious bamboo chicken (chicken cooked inside bamboo stalks) at the Tribal Museum, as well as other non-vegetarian treats. It’s worth trying the dosas and uttapams here!



In a single city, you can find cheap street cuisine, sweets, and upscale dining. I’d think it’s a fantastic combination! The meal that distinguishes the City of Joy from the others would be sworn by both residents and visitors! Kolkata thrills every cuisine lover, every time, whether it’s Tibetan food in Tiretta Bazaar, Chinese specialties in Tangra, or street food in Dalhousie. Another Calcutta favorite is the Moghlai Paratha (mince-filled parathas fried in an egg batter). For a once-in-a-lifetime culinary adventure, try the Dum Aloo Phuchka at Vivekananda Park and the Mutton Kabiraji Cutlet at Mitra Cafe in Golpark.



If you enjoy non-vegetarian cuisine and Tibetan and Chinese influences, Assam is a worthwhile destination. Here, good, economical fish is always accessible, and Indian cuisine never ceases to delight! This is the one trek worth taking if you’re looking for a good meal!



The iconic Litti Chokha has now made its way to most metros’ street food scene, this one is traditional enough to warrant a trip. They also include all-time favorites like Samosas, Kachori, Aalu Kachaalu, Bhooja, Ghughni Choora, Dahi Choora, Jhaal Moodhi, and others, which are hot enough to allow you to forgo popular desserts like Peda and Kalakand. Patna boasts some of India’s best street food.



Local cuisine that stands out with some of the south’s most recognized and even unusual preparations has a specialty it can call it’s own. Don’t miss meals like Chicken Chettinad, Kandarappam, Karupatti, and many other South Indian dishes you may not have heard of during your vacation to Chettinad.

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