11 Stress-Relieving Foods that Every Indian Loves


Almost everyone in India enjoys eating. Food is incredibly important to Indians, and it is a part of every occasion, big or small. Every season has its own set of foods, each state has its specialities, and each town has a signature dish that defines its culture. In India, food is more than just a source of nutrition; it is also an emotional experience.

We Indians adore our cuisine! Indians naturally turn to food in times of stress or during any difficult period, whether they are vegetarians, non-vegetarians, eggitarians, or vegans. We even have a whole section of presents devoted to food! We cook a variety of snacks and sweets for Diwali, not just for ourselves but also to give as gifts. And what about Makar Sankranti? That wouldn’t be complete without our beloved sesame chikkis, would it? Whatever the occasion, we Indians have a delectable feast prepared. Food is inextricably linked to Indian culture, and it is only natural for us to seek solace in it whenever we are sad, upset, or even delighted!

However, because of India’s cultural diversity, we have access to a vast range of foods. Not everyone is a binge-watcher of the same genre. While some like all-American fries or Indian-style wafers, others prefer traditional Indian parathas or samosas. There is a vast variety of cuisine that provides comfort to Indians during all of life’s ups and downs, and here are some of the most popular comfort foods among Indians.

Here is a collection of comfort foods that have remained a steady source of support for Indians over generations:

Curd Rice

Curd rice is one of those dishes that can’t go wrong. It’s also a popular dish in India, and there’s nothing quite like holding a bowl and delving into the mushy rice. Serve with papads or pickles to round out the meal. Indians like to provide their curd-rice in a variety of ways. Others choose to add grated cucumbers or finely minced garlic pieces to their rice, while others want to give it a tadka. We promise that each one is just as relaxing.

Rajma chawal maa ke haath

Any other maa ke haath ki meal will suffice. With the urban culture and people leaving their homes for work or school, nothing beats home-cooked cuisine, especially Rajma Chawal. For Indians, it is the ultimate comfort food.



Just typing the phrase makes anyone salivate for the wonderful, melt-in-your-mouth Indian chaat varieties. The tangy, spicy chaat is the answer to all of your problems! Do you have a teary eye? Have an extra spicy chaat and let the tears of the spices wash away your sorrows. Alternatively, have a pani-puri eating contest with your buddies and watch your tension magically vanish!

Dal makhani


A bowl of steaming, creamy dal makhani might make you feel as if your life’s main purpose was to consume this delicacy. With butter naan (Indian flatbread) and pickles, any North Indian food fan can eat bowls after bowls of this lentil variation. This dish is not just hearty comfort food, but it is also offered to guests during luxurious Indian weddings.

Non-vegetarians frequently exclaim how fortunate they are to be able to eat butter chicken, but after they try dal makhani, they realise vegetarians aren’t losing out on much. Dal makhani has practically become a national dish in India, with numerous eateries serving it.


Biryani is frequently described as more than just food. There are about 50 different forms of biriyani throughout India and around the world, and practically every state has its version. Though many argue that Mughlai biriyani, Lucknowi biriyani, Kolkata biriyani, Hyderabadi biriyani, and Ambur biriyani are the best five varieties, practically all of them have their distinct flavour and texture.

Even though this is only a rice meal with meat and spices, everyone from the Kings of mediaeval India to the millennials of the twenty-first century has acknowledged the joy this dish may provide them.



This traditional Indian drink is a classic Punjabi culture mark, and it’s a lifesaver after a hot summer day at work. This yoghurt drink comes in a variety of flavours, including mango lassi, strawberry lassi, chocolate lassi, mint lassi, and so on. A quick energy-boosting and refreshing drink that may be found not only at home and in restaurants but even outside workplace area stalls ready to lift the spirits of employees who have been working long hours.

Lassi is not only a comforting companion while we’re lost, but it also helps us digest our food. Another pro-tip: if you want to dazzle your guests, simply pour them a glass of lassi and sit back to watch their faces light up.



The taste of soft parathas with desi ghee as a winter morning meal is incomparable to the feeling of a warm fuzzy blanket over you on a cold winter month. Every health expert has indulged in this guilty pleasure and is now looking for healthier alternatives to replace the typical ingredients used to make paratha so that they may at least claim their affection for this cuisine guilt-free.

Parathas are even regarded as India’s national breakfast, and young moms frequently pack vegetables into parathas to feed their children vegetables that they would otherwise refuse to eat. Parathas have the potential to become a generation’s comfort meal.

Mishti Doi

This Bengali treat, which is created with thickened milk and jaggery, has its fan following. If you go to a sweet shop in India and hunt for your favourite dessert, there’s a good chance it won’t be available, but you’ll always be able to close your hands on Mishti Doi. Mishti Doi is nearly expected at all significant occasions in Bengal, whether it’s a wedding, a festival, or a family get-together. Even if a child says no to the most delicious dish you’ve ever created, you’ll always find him or her nodding yes when Mishti Doi is served.

Strawberry shrikhand

This classic creamy, yoghurt-based dessert from the Indian states of Maharashtra and Gujarat is a family favourite. Every member of the family has fond childhood recollections of this dish. Children anticipate the day when they will return from their evening activities to find bowls of strawberry shrikhand on the kitchen table waiting for them.

These foods relieve stress in the body and aid in the development of a healthy mind and body capable of dealing with stress effectively.


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