Here are some homemade cool summer drinks for diabetics


Summer necessitates incorporating cold drinks and foods into our diets to assist us in combat heat waves while also reducing dehydration levels. To beat the heat this summer, there are numerous refreshing drinks to choose from, including drinks, juices, coolers, and sodas.

However, not everyone’s body is the same, and many people have diabetes or other health issues that prevent them from drinking various unhygienic drinks or drinks with high sugar content. To reduce blood sugar fluctuations, diabetic patients are generally advised to eat a low GI (Glycemic Index) diet.

Iced Tea


Black tea improves insulin sensitivity while maintaining blood pressure in the body. When milk is added to the tea, these benefits are lost. Hot black tea is also a terrific alternative, but when the weather outside is hot, warmer drinks are not the best choice. Depending on your permissible dosage, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the sugar level in your iced tea. It’s best to use sugar-free or skip the sugar altogether. The sugar-free drink is just as delightful.



Chhaas is a great beverage in both North and South India. It’s a healthy drink that’s good for the stomach and assists digestion. It also aids in feeling refreshed during the summer, regardless of whether the weather is dry or humid.

Buttermilk is a diabetic-friendly drink made with yoghurt, cumin powder, mint leaves, and water. The ideal drink for a family gathering!

It is suggested that you drink 150 mL of buttermilk per day. Overconsumption might cause nausea and diarrhoea. Diabetics can have allergic reactions to high amounts of dairy products in some situations.

Coconut water


If you’re diabetic, it’s critical to consider the amount of sugar in your beverages. There’s nothing else like it if the drink also has health benefits. Due to the presence of magnesium, coconut water aids in the reduction of blood sugar levels and the improvement of insulin sensitivity.

Coconut water is high in protein and fibre, both of which are important nutrients for diabetics. Because these nutrients take longer to digest, the sugar level in the body rises slowly.

Our bodies’ metabolic functions produce free radicals, which can lead to diabetes, cancer, and eye and heart disease. Coconut water is beneficial to diabetic patients because it is high in antioxidants, which fight free radicals.

Jamun Smoothie


We’re betting that having a Jamun smoothie for diabetes isn’t something you’ve heard of before. The fruit includes an enzyme called Jambolene, which uses glucose to help manage the excessive buildup of sugar in the body.

Green tea


Teas are fine for diabetics in general—as long as they aren’t sweetened with sugar. Green tea has been shown in certain studies to offer mental and physical health advantages, including aiding in the management or reduction of weight gain. Green tea is a soothing, pleasant beverage that is instantly relaxing even without the addition of sugar!

To produce a smoothie, add some milk or curd to the blender. However, be sure to include a sugar replacement that you’re allowed to consume. It will still taste excellent if you leave out the sugar. This summer, try out a new drink that could become your new favourite.
Iced green tea

Diabetics will benefit from green tea. It does not affect blood sugar levels because it contains no carbs or calories. It aids in sugar metabolism, making it an excellent drink for people who suffer from diabetes. Although it is normally recommended to consume hot green tea to reap all of the benefits, with the blistering heat and soaring temperatures, it is OK to convert to the cooler version of this healthy beverage.

Cooler Sattu


It is one of India’s oldest developed drinks and one of the natural food energizers. To produce a delightful drink, mix sattu powder with cold water, then add black salt and lemon juice.

Smoothie with fruits and vegetables


A fruit and vegetable smoothie is a nutrient-dense drink that is useful to diabetes patients. All you’ll need is coconut water, spinach, beets, and a low-sugar fruit of your choosing. In a blender, combine all of the ingredients and blend until smooth.

Karela Juice


Another summertime favourite is karela, or bitter gourd, which contains Polypeptide-p, or p-insulin, an insulin-like molecule. This aids in the natural treatment of diabetes symptoms. Karela juice can be blended with apples because it is bitter.

A chemical found in bitter gourd behaves similarly to insulin. In fact, “Karela” and “diabetes” are regularly interchanged! It helps persons with type I and type II diabetes lower their blood glucose levels. Diabetics must cut the dosage of their medications after drinking a glass of karela juice.

Barley Water


Barley is high in soluble fiber, making it an excellent choice for diabetics. It will aid diabetics because it will help them maintain their blood glucose levels. Make careful to drink unsweetened barley water to obtain the most advantages.

Barley water is derived from barley, which is thought to be one of the world’s oldest grains. Although barley and barley-based meals are not commonly consumed, there is good evidence that they provide a variety of health benefits. Barley water has been demonstrated to significantly increase the number of prevotella bacteria in the gut. These bacteria can significantly reduce blood sugar levels for 11 to 14 hours. By drinking barley water, you can keep your blood sugar under control while also lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes. It can also assist diabetics in balancing their blood glucose levels.

Wrapping Up

Summer has arrived, and we’re all drinking cool drinks like there’s no tomorrow. Energy drinks, which are pre-packaged juices or high-sugar drinks created at home, are the most popular summer drinks.

The summer is here, and we’re all seeking a way to escape the oppressive heat. A refreshing drink might help the body get the relief it needs. Sodas, soft drinks, and energy drinks are frequently mentioned as first-choice beverages when discussing beverages. Due to their high sugar content, however, these drinks may not be the best choice for diabetics.

Diabetic isn’t a punishment, and it shouldn’t be regarded as such. People with diabetes can enjoy a refreshing beverage with the proper preparation and beverage.


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