24 Homemade kid-friendly healthy summer drinks


This summer, cool down with this incredible variety of delightful summer drinks, including lemonades, iced lattes, infused waters, fruity iced tea, and more. These drinks are produced without refined sugars, have incredible tastes, and are quite simple to make.


Strawberry-Apricot Smoothie

This healthy smoothie recipe combines fresh apricots and frozen strawberries for a refreshing way to chill off throughout the summer.

Lemonade with basil


This delightful summer drink, sweetened with honey, pairs nicely with basil and lemon. Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for the mixture to soak before filtering for a stronger basil taste.

Slushies with Blueberry Lemonade

This super-refreshing fruit slushie only requires three items to make. Try it with strawberries and raspberries as well—they’re fantastic for a kids’ party, but grownups will enjoy them just as much (especially spiked with a little vodka or gin).

Lemonade with fresh cherries

Lemonade-with-fresh-cherries-- healthy-smoothie

The lovely pink hue and light flavour of this thirst-quenching pink lemonade recipe comes from fresh cherries. To make this healthy lemonade recipe into a delightful summer cocktail, add a touch of vodka, whiskey, or rum.

Smoothie with strawberries and pineapple

Blend almond milk, strawberry, and pineapple in a blender for a quick and easy breakfast smoothie. Almond butter adds richness and protein to the dish. For an extra-icy texture, freeze part of the almond milk.

Smoothie with Unicorns

The naturally vibrant layers in this fruit smoothie transform a nutritious meal into a stunning feast. To make this rainbow recipe to the next level, use a fruit skewer.

Watermelon Juice

This DIY watermelon juice is easy to make and only requires a blender. You can drink this refreshing drink without any additional sugar or spice it up with one of our recipes.

Slushies with Color-Changing Lemonade

This tasty slush will amaze both kids and adults as it transforms from blue to pink and purple in an instant. For a fun scientific experiment that’s also appetising, the magical mixture is produced using natural blue tea (see Note) and delightful lemonade. Perfect for a child’s birthday celebration!

Spritzer (cucumber-mint)

This delicious spritzer, made with cucumbers and mint, is ideal for a summer afternoon on the porch.

The slush of Peachy Apricot

This fruity drink is a healthy alternative to high-calorie fruit drinks and sodas.

Smoothie with strawberries, blueberries, and bananas

Even with a boost of protein from hemp seeds, a smoothie with strawberries, blueberries, and banana is sweetly sweet and completely kid-friendly. Freeze the fruits ahead of time to give the mixture an extra icy texture.

Smoothie with Fruit and Yogurt

Only three ingredients are needed for this simple fruit smoothie with yoghurt recipe: yoghurt, fruit juice, and whatever frozen fruit you have on hand. Change vary your choices every day for a healthy breakfast or snack that you’ll never try of.

Frozen Whipped Lemonade

Whipped frozen lemonade is a delicious delicacy that combines the creaminess of a milkshake with the thirst-quenching tanginess of freshly squeezed lemonade. And all you need are four ingredients and a blender to make this refreshing frozen lemonade. Light coconut milk or refrigerated coconut milk can be substituted for full-fat coconut milk, but the outcome will be less thick and creamy.

Slushy with Fruity Limeade

On a hot summer day, these limeade slushies are a terrific thirst quencher. They take about 10 minutes to make and deliver the right balance of sweet and sour.

Smoothie Tropical

A simple and delicious on-the-go breakfast or snack made with a variety of tropical fruit tastes (pineapple, mango, banana), yoghurt, and carrot juice.

Strawberry Lime Drink

Make a lovely, ice cooler with coconut water, strawberries, and lime to cool off. It only takes a few minutes to prepare.

Limeade with Raspberry

By pressing the raspberries through a fine-mesh sieve, all of the juice will be extracted while the seeds will be left behind. If you wish to make it ahead of time, wait until the last minute to add the seltzer.

Mango Berry Slush

This slushy drink recipe is sweetened with berry-flavoured carbonated water and fresh summer fruits rather than sugar.

Breakfast Smoothie with Creamsicle

Though it tastes like the classic vanilla-and-orange popsicles, this creamsicle breakfast smoothie provides a well-balanced breakfast with carbohydrates, protein, and important electrolytes from the coconut water. Every cup of coconut water has more than 10% of your daily potassium intake, an electrolyte lost through perspiration, making it an excellent hydrator for light workouts. Plus, this creamy orange-mango smoothie has only approximately 30 mg of sodium per cup, compared to about 110 mg of salt in sports drinks.

Smoothie with PB&J but no banana

Because of the tofu and peanut butter in this recipe, this quick and easy diabetic-friendly smoothie is low-sugar and includes 11 grammes of protein per cup.

Infused Water with Strawberry, Basil, and Lime

With delightful fruity spa water, you can meet your daily hydration goals. Adding sliced fruit and torn herbs to still or sparkling water is a simple way to enhance taste without adding calories. It’s also a lovely drink to serve during showers or celebrations.

Soda made with grapes


For this sweet and tangy sparkling cocktail, make your grape juice by pureeing and filtering fresh grapes. If your grapes are particularly sweet, you may not require the entire amount of honey. As you go, keep tasting. Freeze extra whole grapes ahead of time and float them in the drink with the ice cubes for a special surprise.

Cucumber Watermelon Seltzer, Basil

A summer drink with watermelon, cucumber, fresh basil, and lime juice that’s sophisticated enough for visitors. It only takes a few minutes to make the soda. Refrigerate the fruit concentrate, simple syrup, and seltzer water separately until ready to serve.

Milkshake with Cherry-Vanilla Beans

This cold cherry-vanilla milkshake is so thick that you’ll need a straw and a long spoon to eat it.

Final Thoughts

These kid-friendly drink ideas are the ideal way to beat the heat this summer. After spending time outside, these drinks will help your children immediately cool down and feel refreshed. Fruit is packed into these drinks, whether they’re smoothies or slushies. Depending on what you have on hand, you can use fresh or frozen fruit. Whipped Frozen Lemonade and Strawberry-Pineapple Smoothie are just two of the healthful, tasty recipes your children will enjoy.


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