Diwali Special: Sugar-Free Mithai For Diwali That You Can Order


Diwali, one of the most eagerly anticipated Indian holidays, has finally here! We have begun to decorate our homes and offices and get ready for house parties and get-togethers as the auspicious day gets closer. And every gathering, including the Diwali celebration, revolves around the cuisine, as we all know. Assuming you’re worried that the overflow of desserts on the Diwali menu would block your weight reduction endeavours so far, unwind! Since we found an assortment of sans-sugar mithais that are easy to get ready at home and will support the bubbly part of your eating routine plans. Far and away superior, these mithais demand little investment and exertion, are naturally improved by organic products and are incredibly delicious.

Even better, these mithais require little time and effort, have natural fruit sugars added, and are incredibly tasty. Who could want more? Try these tasty, healthful Diwali treats that are free of sugar:

Khaas Malpoi

Why limit yourself to traditional sweets when you can try something different and spoil your taste buds with this delectable dessert? The Khaas Malpoi is the best pastry to dazzle visitors this Christmas season since it is made with the customary gajar ka halwa and is enveloped by slim sheets.

Grilled Almond Barfi

Diwali celebrations would not be the same without barfis because they are in our hearts. This Diwali, make this grilled Almond Sugar free barfi rather than the ones loaded with sugar. This almond barfi is a straightforward three-ingredient recipe full of the goodness of perfectly roasted almonds and flavorful khoya.

Fig mousse


Due to their unique flavour, figs (Anjeer) are a great winter fruit we enjoy snacking on. Why not transform your affection for Anjeer into a rich, creamy dessert? This holiday season, Anjeer mousse is the perfect treat to combine your love of traditional sweets and exotic flavours.

Faldhari Badam ki barfi


You may enjoy a sugar-free mithai this holiday without worrying about your health. It is created with Mawa and healthy nuts, almonds, walnuts, and figs. Cook the mawa and nuts, combine the ingredients, platter, and cut the food before serving. After adding a final dusting of nutmeg powder for flavour, the dish is prepared for serving.

Rose kalakand


Who doesn’t adore roses’ lovely fragrance? How about giving it a taste? Although rose coconut kalakand is a relatively unknown confection, we can assure you that it is one of the tastiest ever. The sweet, which tastes like a slice of paradise and is made with unsweetened rose syrup, is a beautiful addition to your Diwali gift baskets.

Pumpkin petha


Petha, which is famous for having a crispy yet juicy texture and is made entirely of vegetables, is a fantastic option. You can obtain the best sweet chewing by substituting a natural sugar supplement with glaringly high sugar.


Talk about decadent traditional holiday sweets and leave out phirni? What a possibility! Since the beginning, the opulent and sumptuous Phirni has been a staple of our holiday delights. This renowned dish, which is smooth and velvety, can likewise be made without sugar. This decadent and fragrant sugar-free dessert will win your heart all over again. It is finished off with rose pith and embellished with squashed almonds and pistas.

Coconut barfi


Coconut barfi, a delicious blend of dry and tropical fruits, is a national favourite in India. The sugar-free version of the treat, which is already made of fruit, is healthier than another sweet that is fruitless and sweetened. The best part is that you can create this dessert quickly at home using milk, grated coconut, and sugar substitutes from natural sources.

Oats kheer

Kheer is the definition of traditional. Oats replace rice in kheer, a traditional Indian dessert, making it more nutrient-dense. When combined with other healthy ingredients like saffron, flax seeds, cardamom, and almonds, kheer becomes a guilt-free, sugar-free treat.

Apple Sandesh

It is impossible to discuss Indian sweets without bringing up West Bengal. Sandesh is the name of the first variant of the delectable pastry, which is likewise presented in a without sugar rendition. The form with apple is somewhat better, regardless of whether the treat contains a ton of milk and curds.

Quinoa phirni

Quinoa Phirni, a delicious dish, may be made by substituting a healthier and more nutrient-dense ingredient for the more conventional rice. This dish, enriched with ghee, saffron, milk, and khoya, is satisfying to most people’s palates, especially if you’re trying to avoid eating a lot of sugar.

Lauki kheer

Don’t judge a book by its cover, as the saying goes, because adding a vegetable to a dessert may not sound all that appealing. Adding skimmed milk, chia seeds, green cardamom, and jaggery to improve Lauki Kheer brings a captivating, nutritious, and heavenly sweet appropriate for those with diabetes.

Flaxseed ladoo


This dessert, which features an unusual component combination, merits greater attention. With the addition of ghee, almonds, pistachios, and cardamom powder, the broken wheat (Dalia) and flax seeds make for a healthful dessert and a rich and flavorful one.

Caramelised lotus seeds

Don’t judge a book by its cover, as the saying goes, because adding a vegetable to a dessert may not sound all that appealing. Adding skimmed milk, chia seeds, green cardamom, and jaggery to improve Lauki Kheer brings about a fascinating, nutritious, and delicious treat reasonable for those with diabetes.

Apricot shrikhand

This classic dessert is made with apricots, yoghurt, water, and pistachios and is vibrant, healthful, full, and free of sugar, so you can indulge without feeling guilty.

Ragi ladoo


One of the most popular desserts from the Order home food delivery app is sugar-free ragi laddus because it combines all its components’ best qualities and is delivered to you in a healthy container. Foods offer a delicious, homemade, Sugar-Free Ragi Laddu that you can get online and sample.

Chana barfi

One of the dishes is known for is roasted Chana Dal Barfi. One of our goods will win your heart; it is that good. Traditional desserts include chana dal barfi. The majority of Indians adore it. Anyone who eats it, not just Indians, will undoubtedly want more. This chana dal barfi is ideal for Diwali gifts, wedding return gifts, and other festive occasions.


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