20 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas


A sumptuous breakfast isn’t something you can achieve every day. But that doesn’t mean we should settle for a sugar surge that will leave us depressed and hungry half an hour later. When it comes to healthy breakfast ideas, you’d be amazed how many need relatively little work to implement.

We’re about to blow your mind with everything from super-easy make-ahead breakfast muffins to a slew of delectable vegan breakfast options and quick-to-make smoothies. How about overnight oats? Oh, sure. We have a fantastic example.

Friends, these nutritious breakfast recipes don’t have to be limited to the morning hours.

Try these 20 healthy breakfast meal options to satiate your breakfast cravings all day long.



Another healthy alternative is a south-Indian speciality. Because it is formed of semolina, it gives the body enough energy to get through the day. It goes well with sambhar, which is another anti-oxidant-rich stew.

Dalia Vegetable

Due to its high dietary fibre content, vegetable dalia is considered an Indian superfood for weight loss. Perfect for cold winter mornings when you need something warm to start your day.



Many fit people eat Gujrati thepla, which is an undervalued nutritious option. It is also perfect for fit foodies, as it is made with wheat flour, fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves, and turmeric powder. Combine it with achaar and you’re set!

Sprouts Salad

With poached or boiled eggs, sprouts salad is a healthful snack or side dish. Sprout salad is a great addition to your breakfast because it is high in dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals.



Carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, and lipids abound in this Maharashtrian speciality. It has the appropriate crunch for you to gulp down and gratify your Indian tongue because of the combination of chiles and peanuts. This is especially true if you’re trying to lose weight.

Paneer Bhurji


It can be difficult for vegetarians to meet their protein requirements. One method to achieve this is with paneer. You can add any vegetables you want and serve them with roti or parantha. This is a great brunch option because it keeps you fuller for longer.

Aloo and Palak Pooris


Who says fit people can’t consume typical foods like poori aloo to keep in shape? You’re good to go once you add a healthy twist. Palak or spinach will provide fibre, while potatoes are complex carbohydrates that aid in weight loss.

Omelette Masala


Eggs are known to be a complete protein source. Adding vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, and capsicum will help your taste buds break the monotony. Because one egg includes at least 6 grammes of protein, it’s a good place to start when it comes to meeting your daily protein requirements.

Oats Poha

Oats are high in protein, and preparing poha with them will add an Indian flavour to this western dish. They don’t have to be served with only water or milk. Breakfast can be made using your favourite vegetables and even fruits.

Multigrain Parathas

Yes. If you want to stay healthy, the popular multi-talented paratha is a terrific option. It’s a healthy alternative if you use three grains in your atta and construct a stuffed paratha with your favourite filling (even cheese). Parathas are an excellent way to start the day because they are high in fibre, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Besan Cheela

Another excellent source of protein is besan or chickpea flour. Because your body is empty after an eight-hour sleep cycle, breakfast is the best time for nutrients to be absorbed. Besan cheela with mint chutney can help you kickstart your day’s metabolism.

Sambhar Idli


Idli sambhar is another nutritious meal option since it contains the proper combination of carbs, proteins, fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals. If you’re tired of fruit smoothies in the morning, here’s a tasty alternative!

Cheela With Chana Dal Or Moong Dal

For vegetarians and vegans, Indian lentils and pulses are excellent sources of protein and other minerals. Another healthy option is to make them using ghee, mustard, or sesame oil.

Beetroot Dosa

Not that regular dosa is bad, but adding beetroot, which is high in potassium, can make it healthier. If you’re aiming to lose weight, Sunday morning brunches will not be dull.

Toasted Avocado With Egg


Simple is sometimes the best option. Spread mashed avocado on two lightly toasted slices of whole-grain bread and season with salt and pepper. Add two sunny-side-up eggs for a protein boost, and you’ve got yourself a well-rounded breakfast.

Toast With Nut Butter, Banana, And Chia Seed

Use sunflower seed butter (or your favourite seed or nut butter) and a sprinkling of whole raw chia seeds in this healthy variation on basic peanut butter and banana.

Berries In Breakfast Parfait


A basic fruit and yoghurt parfait is one of the easiest, healthiest, and most delicious breakfasts available. What’s the best part? It can be topped with whatever you choose. To achieve the finest flavour, choose fruits that are in season. However, (thawed) frozen will suffice in a pinch.

Smoothie With Peanut Butter And Banana


Smoothies are a great on-the-go snack at any time. You’ll swear you’re drinking a milkshake if you combine frozen bananas, peanut butter, soy milk, Greek yoghurt, honey, and a few ice cubes.

If this is a morning snack, keep it in an airtight container and stash it in a gym or work bag pocket. Prepare it the night before and freeze it for an afternoon boost. When the 3 p.m. lull hits in, remove it in the morning and it will have thawed and ready.

Quinoa And Chia Porridge


Quinoa is flavorfully infused when cooked in milk (dairy, soy, or almond) with healthful spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and turmeric. It also contains a lot of protein. Simply combine all of the ingredients in a pot and heat until boiling. Then reduce the heat, whisk in the seasonings, and serve.

Quinoa Chocolate Breakfast Bowl

This is a deliciously vegan way to enjoy chocolate for breakfast. A tasty, full, protein-rich base is made with quinoa cooked in almond milk and sweetened with cocoa and maple syrup. Top with banana, berries, and vegan dark chocolate (check the label; some chocolate brands include milk).

Wrapping Up

Breakfast gives you the energy you need to go through the rest of the day. Your morning meal is like a launch button that delivers energy to your system and keeps you energised for the day ahead after the body’s nighttime hibernation period.


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