Uttar Pradesh Food: Must-Try Dishes in Your Next Visit!


Uttar Pradesh provides something to tempt your taste buds regardless of your culinary tastes. The cuisine includes a variety of dishes such as chat, samosas, ras malai, and kebabs. Food is cooked for up to three days in an earthen receptacle known as a handi. Even though this is a time-consuming method of cooking, the meal is exceptionally tasty and well worth the wait.

The Nawabs of Lucknow’s bawarchis (royal chefs) were the first to introduce the ‘Dum Pukht’ cooking style. To pack in all of the deep earthy flavours and aromatic spices, the dish is cooked on a low flame for many hours. Lucknow is the only place in the world where this cooking method is used.

The fact that the state has been divided into two distinct food zones demonstrates the immensity and sheer diversity that exists across its huge region.

Cuisines from Awadhi

Because it was the home of the Nawabshahi monarchs during the Mughal era, this region’s food has a special flavour that comes from the Nawabs’ royal court. ‘Nawabon Ka Sheher’ is the name given to the city of Lucknow. The name conjures up images of a vast ceremonial table packed with exquisite mouth-watering delights of all kinds, as well as Lucknow exclusivity. This legacy of Awadhi culinary sophistication, as well as the sumptuous ‘Dastarkhwan,’ define Uttar Pradesh cuisine.

Lucknowi Cuisines

Lucknow’s cuisine is suited for kings, or in this instance, Nawabs. Lucknowi cuisine offers gastronomic treats that are bursting with flavour and spices to tempt your taste buds. Many people visit restaurants to savour Lucknow’s delectable kebabs and Kulchas.

Galouti Kebabs

These kebabs are a must-try for any foodie visiting Awadh. This dish consists of a scrumptious minced meat kebab that has been spiced to perfection. As soon as you put the kebabs in your mouth, they disintegrate and leave you wanting more. Galouti Kebabs, a royal delicacy of the period, were popular among the nawabs.

Tunday kebabs

The Tunday Kebab has been around since the 17th century. Due to his advanced age, the Nawab had lost many of his teeth and was wanting his favourite Kebabs, which he couldn’t chew. The candidates were given the task of preparing a kebab that would melt in the Nawab’s mouth while still tasting delicious.

Kulfi Falooda

The popular summertime treat that brings back warm childhood memories. Vermicelli noodles, passion fruit seeds, rose syrup, and dry fruits are added to ice cream or kulfi to make Kulfi Faloodas. Prakash ki Kulfi, in Lucknow’s busy Aminabad neighbourhood, is the greatest place to obtain kulfi faloodas.

Kakori Kebab

Kakori is a form of mutton kebab that has been roasted till it melts on your tongue. The kebab is seasoned with black pepper, cardamom seeds, bhuna channa, and raw papaya. Ghee is used to marinating the kebabs, which are then drizzled with lime and served with fresh chutney.


Yellow rice, cauliflower, carrots, peas, and potatoes make up this very rustic dish. Tehri is a staple of Awadhi cuisine, best described as a cross between veg biryani and pulao. Curds or raita are a great way to temper the heat of the Tehri.

Makhan Malai

It’s a refreshing dessert that’s just a light set cream with crushed pistachios and saffron on top. It’s a typical Awadhi dish that’s best savoured in the wintertime.

Nargisi Kofta

The Nargisi Kofta is a mutton ball gravy made by stuffing an egg with mutton keema and drying it in the oven. The gravy has a unique flavour due to the addition of tomato puree, dried fruit paste, and caramelised onions. It’s a special meal that’s traditionally served during Ramadan and Iftar. If you’ve never tried this dish before, it’s a must.

Lucknawi Biryani

Lucknawi Biryani is a national favourite made with cashew nut paste, saffron, curd, mace powder, and star anise. The inhabitants’ favourite dish is the Biryani offered at Baba’s in Swaroop Nagar.


It’s a light and fluffy paratha served with hearty meat gravy, usually mutton or chicken. Rahim has been servicing customers in Lucknow for over 120 years and is still going strong. Kulcha-Nihari is traditional Lucknowi comfort food that locals and visitors alike would enjoy.

Boti Kebab

Another popular kebab dish in Kanpur is Boti Kebab. It has a more clear recipe than the other kebabs, consisting of gramme flour, yoghurt, and mutton. This meal, on the other hand, does not skimp on flavour, and the kebabs virtually melt on your tongue.

Paneer Pasanda

Paneer Pasanda is not the same as what you’ll get in a lot of Indian eateries; it’s a class of its own that’s ready to delight your taste buds. Now you know where that delicious meal originated: Uttar Pradesh!


Puri-sabzi is a kneaded dough with vegetable stew or potato curry that is fried in clarified butter. The rich deliciousness of the stew or sauce soaks into the puris, creating an appealing combination.


Ghee, sugar syrup, and maida are used to make this crispy spiral-shaped deep-fried dessert. Fill a piping bag with the contents and place it in a pot filled with hot bubbling oil. It’s finest served with a cold rabri.


Lassi, a milk-based drink served in earthen pots known as Kulhads, is another Varanasi favourite. Varanasi’s Blue lassi is known for its delectable variations, which include dried fruits, rabri, and seasonal fruits.


The famed Kashi Chaat Bhandar in Godowliya in the old city should not be missed at all costs for the tastiest ‘golgappas’ and ‘chaat’ in the city. Uttar Pradesh’s cuisine includes chaat, which is one of the most delicious types of chaat you’ll ever taste. Although less well-known, Kesri Chaat Bhandar in the Nichibagh neighbourhood does not disappoint when it comes to offering superb Tomato Chaat.

Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda is a sort of bread pudding from the Oudh region that is drenched in condensed milk and topped with dry fruits and nuts. Bread, milk, saffron, cashew, green cardamom, and sugar are used to make it. It’s a comforting dessert that will quench your hunger.

Banarasi paan

The Banarasi paan is available in a variety of flavours and colours. Paan is traditionally made of maraschino cherries, gulkand, and tutti fruity wrapped in a betel nut leaf. It’s sometimes covered in silver leaf and is best served cold. After a hefty lunch, it’s a true treat.

Uttar Pradesh is a cultural and gourmet melting pot. Visit these destinations and indulge in the local cuisine of Varanasi, Rampur, and Kanpur to take your tastebuds on an adventure. So, what do you have to lose? Indulge in the cuisine of Uttar Pradesh’s rulers.

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