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You are overstuffed after a heavy meal, but when a lemon tart or a lovely cupcake is brought to the table, you somehow have a place for them. Let’s face it, everyone like sweets, and who can blame them? You’re not alone if eating something deliciously sweet helps you get through a bad day. It’s good to receive precisely what you want when a craving strikes. Therefore, nothing else will suffice when you are craving a slice of pie. You have to eat them when you can’t stop thinking about the chocolate brownies hiding in the fridge all night.

So stop waving at the candy cart and take advantage of the situation. We have been thinking about dessert all day long between chocolate cakes, delectable phirnis, and seasonal specialties. (And this isn’t exaggerating.) Salute these delicious delights in Top Home Food Delivery App in Pune which have all the goodness without any hassles. You may be tempted to consume our mouthwatering selection of quick dessert meal before you begin your dinner because they are incredible.

To satiate your sweet desire, indulge in these all-time favorite desserts, which range from a homemade barfi to a moong daal ka halwa.

Amba Poli


On sheets of butter paper, fresh mango pulp is thinly spread and then dried in ovens or outside in the sun. To prepare amba poli, the mango sheets are chopped into more petite strips or squares. This dessert may also be known as aam papad. This is occasionally seasoned, flavored, and given a little more sugar sweetener.

Mango Sheera

A popular dessert in Maharashtra is sheera, made with semolina or sooji. The sheera has various natural product flavors, including mango, pineapple, and banana. In the summer, people enjoy eating mango sheera, and occasionally they do so for breakfast.

Mango Mastani


Many Maharashtrians like this traditional Punekar beverage, a summertime mango treat. The mango mastani is a dessert made for people who prefer their beverages to be extremely sweet and loaded with cream, dry fruits, and nuts. The mango mastani is a delicious and energizing mango delicacy that you must try the next time you are in Pune.

Aam Ras


During the summer, aam ras is offered as a component of Indian thalis. This beloved hapus treat combines fresh mango pulp with spices like cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, and saffron milk and is typically served with fried hot pooris.

Kaju ki Katli Zafrani


Many people’s favorite barfi from childhood is made with cashew nuts and milk. No Indian party would be complete without it since it is so simple but beautiful. Avoid the store-bought variety and prepare this at home instead.

Moong Dal Ki Barfi

This moong dal ki barfi is great, assuming you appreciate eating barfi. Before setting the barfi, set up the mixture by joining the powdered moong dal, ghee, khoya, sugar, and water. These delicious barfis are incredibly soft and delectable.



Shrikhand, a traditional spiced and sweetened hanging curd treat, is combined with fresh hapus pulp to create the legendary amarkhand of Maharashtra.

Moong Dal Payasam

Kheer-like dessert payasam is a well-liked South Indian treat. This moong dal payasam will be an excellent treat for you if you enjoy the creamy, milky texture of payasam.

Gajar ka halwa


It is our favorite winter pleasure, and with this recipe, you can create a wonderful serving for yourself in the convenience of your home! This healthful and filling dish is made with grated carrots, khoya, milk, sugar, ghee, and plenty of chunky nuts.


A little, crispy sweet treat known as shankarpada or shankarpali is made to celebrate special occasions. Shankarpada, a sweet pastry made from a dough of sugar, ghee, maida, and semolina, is extensively sold in shops in prepackaged forms. Shankarpali is a highly well-known musical style not only in Maharashtra but also in Gujarat and Karnataka.

Moong Dal Ladoo

One of the most popular mithai in India is this bite-sized, circular delicacy. The moong dal ladoos are excellent and soft. You must produce a powder from roasted moong dal, cook it in ghee and sugar, and use it to make ladoos.

Puran Poli


Food is the ultimate soul of each holiday, and the Ganesh Chaturthi festival and other holidays like Diwali are defined by the iconic Maharashtrian dish Puran poli. It is a simple flatbread recipe with a sweet lentil filling cooked with sugar and chana dal. It is a delectable side dish with complex flavors that is also incredibly simple and quick to prepare. This meal is excellent for all ages, and you can even pack it for a lunchbox.

Moong Dal ka Halwa


Moong dal halwa is spiced with cardamom and almonds. It’s the ideal dessert to savor during the winter. Quick, simple, and tasty beyond belief.

Kesari Jalebi


Indian desserts called jalebi are delicious melt-in-your-mouth funnel cakes. Jalebi is a popular Indian and Iranian street food dessert. Utilize this delicacy for holidays like Janmashtami and Diwali to work culinary magic in your home.

These mouthwatering, crispy jalebis may be quickly made with a small number of essential ingredients. Yogurt and flour dough that has been fermented, deep-fried into the right shape for jalebis, and then covered in saffron-sugar syrup. This Indian dish is quick to prepare and consume in large quantities.

Coconut Laddoo


One of the basic recipes for Indian treats might be ready for any festival. Make this straightforward and deliciously sweet for any occasion, like Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, or Navratri. Freshly grated coconut and fresh milk are used to make Indian coconut ladoos.

Fruit Custard

It is a dessert made with milk and mixed fruits that is deliciously creamy and easy to prepare. The thick and creamy milk custard in this dish is produced with pre-made vanilla custard powder, and the flavour comes from sweet seasonal fruits. Given that the recipe is simple, it can easily be doubled or tripled, and it can be made ahead of time, it is ideal for a children’s party or any other get-together.

Does devouring a decadent pudding or delicious chocolate cake ease the pain of a less-than-perfect day? Here are some of our favorite, no-fuss dessert recipes focused on flavor rather than a hassle.


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