Try the Most Iconic Lucknow Cuisine & Lakhnawi Dishes

Lucknow is a city known for its delectable Mughlai and Awadhi cuisine, as well as for its rich history and culture. When we think about Lucknow, we immediately think of delectable Tundey Kebabs, Biryani, and tantalising Chicken Masala. In Lucknow, there is a different stall, aroma, and secret recipe every 100 meters, making the city’s streets a foodie’s paradise. Lucknow is a popular tourist destination, especially for its cuisine, drawing visitors from all over the world to sample the regional specialities that have been honed over many generations. There are countless dishes you can try here, such as juicy Kebabs, mouthwatering Biryani, and rich Malai Makhan.


Kebabs have been a staple of Lucknow’s streets for decades and are unquestionably the best type of street cuisine there. These kebabs are grilled until they are tender enough to disintegrate on your tongue, with a crispy exterior and a soft interior. For this dish, rumaali roti goes best with it, however, vegetarian choices are also available. Some of the must-try items include Veg Shami Kebab, Tundey Kebab, and Galouti Kebab.

Nahari kulcha 

Imagine soft meat fillets that have been overnight simmered in a marinade of unique spices and baked in tandoori kulche. Nahari kulcha is the second most well-known dish associated with Lucknow food and cuisine, behind tunday kebabs. You just need to picture heaven on a plate.

Khasta Kachori  

Khasta Kachori is undoubtedly one of the best places to eat breakfast in Lucknow, which is nothing short of a Nawabi feast. The khastas are far superior to the Barras and Pooris that are offered here. The red chilli aloo is also available, and the chickpea subzi is similarly good for those who enjoy spicy food. They genuinely think that breakfast should be a royal feast!


Biryani is a delicacy that should not be missed in a city that is known for its Nawabi culture and cuisine. Biryani is another well-known dish that made our list of the greatest foods in Lucknow. The slow-cooked rice with spices, vegetables, and meat chunks, which is renowned for its scent and flavours, will steal your breath away as soon as you take a taste. You can choose from a variety of biryani dishes, including mutton, chicken, and vegetarian alternatives. Awadhi, mutton, and veg Handi Dum biryani should all be tried.

Basket Chaat

Chaats must be included on any list of street foods. The spicy, acidic, and flavorful flavours will more than suffice to please your palate. Basket Chaat is yet another well-known dish from Lucknow’s streets. With mashed potatoes, tangy chutney, a variety of veggies, and peas inside a crunchy potato shell. If you’re looking for a full yet flavorful snack, basket chaat, Lucknow’s best street cuisine, is a must-try.

Chole Bature 

Chole Bature is a must-mention when discussing the top Lucknow street food. It’s difficult to resist a crispy bhature and a chickpea dish packed with extra spices. However, there is something unique about the Chole Bature in Lucknow; they are simple to locate and have a distinctive flavour. It tastes better with the lassi and spicy onions that are served with it.

Malai Makhan 

Malai Makhan is another Lucknow delicacy that is typically served in the winter. Cream butter, or unsalted butter that has been hung in a bucket overnight and whipped until it has a creamy, airy texture, is the best name for this dessert. It becomes intoxicating when khoya is added on top. Malai Makhan is irrefutably the best food in Lucknow throughout the colder time of year, without which the city would be finished.


Bread comes in a variety of flavours in Lucknow, a city known for its Mughlai cuisine. A sweet naan called sheermal is made with milk or sheer; Spicy curries are paired with it to bring the flavours together and make the dish taste better. You may eat these cardamoms- or saffron-flavoured naans alone or with a cup of tea. They are baked in a tandoor.

Kebab Paratha 

In addition to all the non-vegetarian alternatives, Lucknow also has some excellent vegetarian selections, such as veg Kebab Paratha. This delicious breakfast or even with a cup of tea is one of Lucknow’s best meals. You will always remember the flavour of the soft rumali roti filled with crisp, enlivening kebabs. You can try the vegetarian kebab roll and the kebab paratha dish here.


The world of sweetmeats has been ruled by this Lucknow restaurant without a doubt. Anyone can give in to temptation when there is such a large selection of mithai available that are beautifully designed. Even with your eyes closed, you can attest to their superior quality and flavour because they are made from pure milk and milk products.

Wrapping Up

The food from Lakhnawi is delicious, especially if you’re not a vegetarian. To satisfy your taste buds, there is a vast selection of kebabs, parathas, dazzling naans, mouthwatering kachoris, creamy kulfis, and many other tantalising dishes including kormas, kaliya, nahari-kulchas, zarda, sheermal, roomali rotis, and warqi parathas. The food is typically prepared in the “dum style,” which involves cooking it over a low flame. Lucknawi cuisine has a unique flavour due to the well-balanced spice blend and usage of aromatic and fiery masalas like saffron, red chilli, cinnamon, cardamom, etc. It is not only about the ingredients that stew in the pot; it is also about how they are prepared and the painstakingly detailed presentation of the finished dish.

The Lucknawi chaat is among the greatest in the nation when it comes to street cuisine, and the kebabs are among the most traditionally made dishes. The beef is char-grilled to perfection after being marinated in various seasonings. Kebabs, which can be prepared in a tandoor or on a grill, are a delicious addition to any dish and a fitting beginning to a royal feast.
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