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Gujarat’s cuisine is mainly vegetarian, even though it is a coastal state. Try these typical Gujarati dishes during your stay in Vadodara. Gujarati food available on Home food delivery app Vadodara.

Here are some of the Vadodhar’s regional food listed from Top Home Food Delivery App in Vadodara:

Gujarati Thali

Vadodara is known for Gujarati Thali’s huge variety and delicious cuisine. Along with four different vegetable varieties, three namkeen items, three desserts, two different types of pulses, rice, and accompaniments including salads, pickles, curd, chutneys, and buttermilk, it also includes chapatis, biscuit bhakhris, corn rotlas, and other items. The best thing about this thali is that one can eat as much as they like until they are delighted. On the tables, there is no limit to the serving sizes. Typically, a Gujarati Thali from a Home food delivery app Vadodara would cost between Rs. 100 and Rs. 120 per person.


Dhokla is a healthy snack made from fermented chickpea batter and rice that has its origins in the Indian state of Gujarat. The dish’s flavor is enhanced by adding spices like ginger and chile to the batter. Dhokla is often served with besan chutney and is frequently topped with coriander, coconut, or chopped chilies after baking.

Dhokla comes in various forms, such as semolina, rice powder, or cheese dhokla, due to its popularity as a dish and a preferred vegetarian snack. It is hardly surprising that dhokla is still a staple dish in Vadodara because it is fluffy, low in calories, and rich in protein.


Gujarat is the home of the Gujarati handvo, a famous savory cake or snack in India. Veggies like carrots, bottle gourds, and fenugreek are added to the rice and lentils used in its preparation. The ingredients of hot chili peppers, sesame seeds, ginger, and mustard seeds can also be expected because there are various varieties of this savory cake.

Generally, rice and lentils are drenched and pounded into a batter and permitted to mature for a whole evening. The batter is combined with all the other ingredients before being placed into a pot or pan and baked until the top is browned and crispy. Typically, green chutney is served with handvo.

It is a cake made using rice flour as the primary ingredient and steamed. To make the dish flavorful, people utilize the customary spice blend. It is typically served as breakfast in Vadodara.


Chickpea flour, turmeric, chili powder, fenugreek, and salt are the ingredients of muthia, an Indian dumpling or fritter. The mixture is occasionally added thickened with oil or sweetened with sugar. Depending on individual preferences, muthia can be formed and fried or steamed.

Although muthia is a traditional Gujarati dish, numerous variations use different vegetables, such as spinach, cabbage, or gourds. Muthia is often topped with chopped coriander, sesame, and mustard, whether steamed or fried.

A steamed gram flour dumpling is called a muthia. The batter’s spice mixture consists of fenugreek, salt, turmeric, and pepper. After that, the dumpling is fried with curry leaves and mustard seeds.


The batter is rolled into little, bite-sized pieces before being baked. Generally served hot or cold, it is eaten as a tidbit or a starter.

These savory nibbles are frequently spiced with additional ingredients like chutneys or cheese gratings. Coconut or coriander are suggested as garnishes for khandvi.

It is a roll consisting of sweet yogurt or curd and gram flour. When the batter has dried, it is covered with fried mustard seeds, curry leaves, coriander, and occasionally grated coconut. A side dish called khandvi is typically served with lunch.


Gujarati Vaghareli Khichdi is a comfort dish. Every week, Home Chefs Vadodara cook khichdi since it’s quick, easy, and light. It also helps with digestion. There are numerous ways to prepare this basic khichdi. Every state and family has a preferred method for preparing khichdi.

The ingredients in this traditional and distinctive khichdi dish include rice, dals, a few vegetables, and sour buttermilk. Although it has different tastes and flavors, it is renowned for resembling the most well-known masala khichdi. It is a nutritious meal that the body can easily digest and is very beneficial. With Gujarati thepla and a pickle decision, it is usually had for lunch or supper.

Nearly all Gujarati families eat khichdi as their main dish. Uncooked rice and lentils are what makeup khichdi. Yellow and split moong lentils can be found in a classic Gujarati khichdi. Buttermilk and pickles are typically served with khichdi. It tastes good and is the healthiest dish.

Fafda and Jalebi

A crunchy snack is fafda. The basic ingredients are besan/chickpea flour, certain spices, and baking soda. There is also Jalebi, which is deep-fried, crispy, sweet pretzels. Gujaratis value this breakfast so highly that many households serve it exclusively on Sundays. On Dussehra or Vijayadashami, it is also a special breakfast.

For people with hardly any insight into Gujarati cooking, staring at the TV is how they find out about it. The ideal way to have fafda is with a raw papaya salad, fried chilies, and sweet, syrupy jalebis. Fafda is vegan, although jalebi can also be turned vegetarian. For an additional crunch, we cook it in ghee.

When traveling in Gujarat, a western state of India, fafda is the most widely accessible breakfast. If you try this for the first time on its own, you might not understand the craziness surrounding it. However, if you pair it with papaya sambhar, chutney, and fried green chilies, you’ll enjoy it more. When you feel the heat from the chilies and want to counteract it, the combination of Jalebi becomes crucial.

Sev Usal

Another spicy and enticing Indian dish made with ragda is this one. The greatest sev usal may be made at home by adding boiled potatoes, grated carrots, chopped onions, and heaps of sev to ragda. This Gujarati meal is improved by adding fragrant green coriander chutney, sweet and tart date tamarind chutney, and zesty garlic chutney as enhancements. To prepare it at home, simply adhere to our step-by-step visual recipe.

In Gujarat, everything is delicious. The fact that there is a hint of sweetness even in the sour food sets it apart from other foods in the nation.


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