The Best Street Food in Mumbai You Must Try


Mumbai’s cultural diversity can be seen in its street food, which has many Indian, South Indian, Parsi, and Muslim influences. This combination of flavors, colors, and textures makes dishes delicious and easy on the pocket. Mumbai has a lot to offer foodies.

The street food in Mumbai is fantastic, delicious, and overwhelming. There used to be a limit on what you could get from hawkers. Today, they offer a wide range of food, including main courses and ice creams. We will be examining the best street food in Mumbai.

Most Popular Street Foods of Mumbai

Sev Puri


Chaat is an Indian term that describes various primarily savory snacks. I’d be shocked if there weren’t thousands of varieties of chaat. I have tried a few, but Mumbai sev puri is my favorite.

A flat puri is the base of sev puri. It’s a small round chip. Then, it gets topped with onions, cilantro, and sev. Finally, it gets a trio of garlic, tamarind, and chili sauces that give it an outstanding balance of flavor. As the name implies, sev puri can be topped with a few pieces of sev and sprinkled with bits of sour green mango. The taste of sev puri will blow you away. It may even become one of your favorite street food snacks in Mumbai.

Pav Bhaji


Pav Bhaji is a delicious dish with many mouthwatering flavors. Pav Bhaji is a popular street food made from veg. Pav Bhaji is the most famous street food item on the Mumbai menu. Pav is a bun toasted in butter and placed on the hot Tawa. It is served with Bhaji, mashed gravy of multiple vegetables, and the spice Tadka.

This mouth-watering combination of Pav & Bhaji is a delicious combination of vegetables and spices. It’s served with a super incredible bread roll. Pav Bhaji is served with a cube of butter melted over hot and spicy Bhaji. This dish gets five stars for the butter-over-bhaji. It’s a satisfying dish. Pav Bhaji is one of Mumbai’s most famous street foods at night.



Another popular street food is Dabeli, which originated in Kutch (Gujarat). Boiled potatoes are made with a unique spice called dabeli masala, made of dried coconut, red chilies, and bay leaves. It is often served with pomegranate seeds to sweetness and crunch the spice mixture. This is a delicious evening snack that can be made over bread.

Ragda Puri

Golgappas of Delhi and Calcutta phuchkas were rechristened as panipuri. As all things changed in Mumbai, Mumbaikars began to add Ragda (or chickpea gravy) to their semolina puris. This street snack is made with chickpea gravy and a tamarind-date and chaat masala combination. It also includes a topping of mashed potatoes and onions. Six puris are usually served on each plate.

Kanda Batata Poha


Kanda is the name of onions, and Batata refers to potatoes. You can find this delicious street food at any food stall in Mumbai. This makes a tasty snack or breakfast option that you will love to eat. The soft, moist potatoes and onions perfectly accompany the chewy poke. It is a Mumbai thing to add Kanda and sev to the top.

Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada, or Sago Vada, is a Mumbai street food. This snack is an excellent accompaniment to the rainy season in Mumbai. Sabudana Vada combines potato, tapioca, and Sabudana with spices. This crispy delight can also be prepared during Navratras when fasting is not permitted.

Misal Pav


This heartwarming breakfast delight is made with spicy gravy and topped with chivda. Misal Pav can be found in small carts all over the city, especially in areas with a sizeable Maharashtra population, like Dadar and Lalbaug.



Mumbai has a unique sandwich version different from what you would find in other countries. The Mumbai sandwich, made on a grill with a potato filling, green mint chutney, and green pepper chutney, is a popular snack in Mumbai’s street food scene. Office workers and students eat this ordinary sandwich at most places. You can also find other options, such as the Mumbai sandwich with cheese, paneer, or schezwan.

Vada Pav


Vada Pav, India’s vegetarian hamburger, is one of the most famous street snacks available in the city. You can guess why. The snack is shaped like a burger. It comprises a battered potato patty (Vada) sandwiched between a Pav (or bread bun) cut in half. Vada Pav is usually served with a variety of sweet and spicy chutneys. The fried chilies included with the plate will give you an extra kick. This snack can be taken with you wherever you are.

Bun Maska

Maharashtra’s staple food, the Bun Maska, is known as. Bun is the bread, and Maska is the butter. Refined flour, yeast, milk, curd, oil, and salt make the bun. It should be soft and fluffy. To make bun maska, butter is added to a flat pan. The bun is then baked in an oven.

Puran Poli


Puran Poli, or sweet flatbread, is made from wheat flour, sugar, chana, and ghee. It is a Maharashtra favorite sweet dish. Puran Poli is a crepe or pancake that can be eaten hot or cold. Puran Poli can be found in every Maharashtra household and prepared for special occasions.



Dosa isn’t just popular with South Indians. It is also a favorite among Mumbaikars. Many street vendors are selling south-Indian food in Mumbai. This is the best street food in Mumbai. Dosa can be described as a flattened, thin, crispy pancake that is filled with various fillings, such as onion masala stuffing or cheese stuffing.

You can enjoy it without the stuffing and serve it with coconut chutney and hot spicy sambar. Mumbai street vendors also sell dosa with a cheesy flavor. This is a popular choice and is very much appreciated by Mumbai residents.


These top 12 Mumbai street food options will make you feel like you are there to enjoy the fantastic aromas and flavors of Mumbai’s street food. Only street food can give you the authentic taste of Mumbai.

The streets of Mumbai are a great way to feel the whole city. You will find the best street food in Mumbai right in your backyard. You can visit the streets of Mumbai and enjoy the energy of street food. Mumbai is a city that offers so many delicious options you will never feel hungry walking through its streets.

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