The Best Gangtok Street Foods

Gangtok is a stunning location encircled by magnificent mountains and luxuriant vegetation. It is famous amongst hikers for its amazing treks and is a pilgrimage site. It is a beautiful location with breathtaking views. And while you are exploring it, street food in Gangtok is something you cannot miss to blend in with the city’s culture like never before!

For all foodies to have the most lavish experience there, here is a list of the greatest street meals in Gangtok! Take a look!


Thenthuk, a Tibetan dish that is one of Gangtok’s most well-known street foods, is yet another delicious soup. It can be cooked with beef, wheat, chicken, or vegetables. It is available in every restaurant in Gangtok. Make sure you try it while exploring Gangtok because it is one of the most well-liked street foods there.


Phagshapa is one of the popular street foods in Gangtok that will satisfy all spicy and health-conscious diners. It is a dish created with radish, chilli, and pork! Your taste senses will be thrilled by the mouthwatering flavour that is served with chapati or rice! It can be consumed as a side dish or a main course.


You probably have heard about this as one of the top street dishes in Gangtok. It is a noodle soup that is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. This dish is ideal for foodies who want to eat nutritious street food.


One of the classic street dishes in Gangtok is a cotton cheese soup. Tourists and residents alike adore it. It is even more alluring because you can have it garnished however you choose! This dish, which is among the best street cuisine in Gangtok, is a must-try!

Sel Roti

Get your hands on something sweet, such as Sel Roti, after you have sampled all the best street delicacies Gangtok has to offer. It is a sweet bread delicacy from Nepal. It is typically prepared around festival season as a sign of affection and concern for the Gangtok community!


You simply cannot afford to miss out on the best and most well-liked street food that Gangtok has to offer, momos. There are many options available to please your palate, ranging from a wide selection of mutton and chicken to vegetables and paneer. Although it may appear to be similar to the ones in your city, trust the locals; the flavour is just as genuine as their place of origin.

Masauyra Curry

Masauyra Curry is a well-liked regional cuisine not just in Gangtok but throughout Sikkim. The main component of the curry, fermented black gramme, has a ball-like appearance. The curry’s flavours make your taste buds salivate best when consumed with rice or bread. Masauyra Curry is heavily spiced, just like other street meals in Gangtok.

Sha Phaley

Sha Phaley, a traditional delicacy from the Tibetan region, is a favourite street meal in Gangtok. It consists essentially of a loaf that has been formed into a circle and filled with seasonal meat, cabbage, and onions. This recipe is for you if you enjoy meat, fried food, and bread. In some regions, the food is also served with cheese stuffing.


Shimi Ko Achar

Shimi, a pickle prepared from string beans, is a common delicacy found on the platters of street vendors in Gangtok. Sesame seeds, green chilies, and lemon juice are added for spice and sourness to improve the flavour. With Sel Roti or other flatbread, it tastes finest.


Chhaang is an alcoholic beverage made from barley, rice, or millet that has its origins in Nepal and Tibet. We advise drinking this as a perfect and all-natural alternative to beer or whiskey if you are a mountaineer. When consumed in the chilly winter months, the drink is cooling due to its low alcohol content.


Sishnu soup, another well-known dish from Gangtok’s streets, is typical Himalayan food. A bowl of hot soup served with rice is the ideal way to spend a chilly evening. Additionally, the dish is flavoured with boiled nettle leaves, garlic flakes, and other ingredients to create a rich soup. It is an easy dish to prepare, and Gangtok serves it in large quantities.


Another delicious Nepalese meal that goes best with rice is this one. What we typically refer to as veggie biryani is actually chambray served with rice under the name Pulao, and it pairs scrumptiously with Aloo Tilko. It is one of Gangtok’s most well-liked vegetarian street dishes.



Pickled and leafy, Gundruk is a traditional Nepalese dish. It is made almost entirely of radishes, mustard greens, and cabbage leaves and is completely vegan. Typically, this food is served as an accompaniment to another meal. On the streets of Gangtok, you can find many people eating Gundruk soup.

Kodo Ko Roti

Another Gangtok street snack which is greatly inspired from Nepal, it is a millet bread. You can eat a normal pancake with different pickles in addition to the finger tomato pickle that is often given with it. It is black in colour and although looks hard in nature, has, indeed a soft texture.


Kinema, a food made from fermented soybeans, is frequently used as a meat substitute in Gangtok markets. A portion of Sikkim, Kalimpong, and Limbuwan, in what is now eastern Nepal, are where the dish first appeared. Kinema can be used as a bread dip or boiled into a flavorful soup and served with rice. In Gangtok, it is among the best options for breakfast.
Gangtok is home to practically everything that the food of this region has to offer, and it does it in the most lavish, splendid, and genuine form possible, along with a beguiling array of dining options. Momos, Thukpa, Wonton, Gyathuk, and Thenthuk, together with a pork patty prepared in the Sikkim way and referred to as Shah-Phaley, are among the things that just cannot be missed when travelling to Gangtok.

In addition to this, you get to select from a large selection of traditional soups, practically all of which are exclusive to the region. During your time in this area, you absolutely must sample some Chang, an alcoholic beverage that is produced locally. The restaurants also offer authentic Tibetan and Indo-Chinese cuisines, both of which are deserving of your attention and should be sampled.
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