Street Food in Amritsar to Satiate the Soul


There is no denying the unparalleled quality of Amritsar’s street food. It may be due to Punjab’s fertile land, the meal’s preparation, or even a combination of the two. Whether it’s the softness of the kulcha, the richness of the lassi, the dripping sweetness of the jalebis, or the juicy tandoori fish, every dish is freshly prepared, made on the spot, clean, and easy to digest. It should come as no surprise that Amritsar is referred to as the “street food capital of India” due to the abundance of excellent street food in the city” So let’s embark on this gastronomic tour of Amritsar to sample some of its well-known treats.

Kara Prasad

Guru ka Langar at the Golden Temple must be first on the list of meals. It has a daily capacity of over a lakh worshipers, making it the biggest community kitchen in the entire globe. The uncomplicated dinner is made and delivered by volunteers, and despite its simplicity, it is wonderfully delicious and substantial. Even if you skip the langar meal, don’t skip the Kara Prasad. After visiting the Golden Temple, you are blessed with this hot delicacy that is oozing with ghee.

Amritsari Machi


Amritsari machi, one of the most well-known delicacies from the city, comes first on the list and never disappoints us. A besan-battered fish snack is made by dipping peppery, soft, and juicy fish fillets in the batter. Every day, the meal is a hit with everyone.

Paneer Amritsari Bhurji


Our go-to easy paneer dishes for a quick dinner fix are typically paneer bhurjis. With the addition of masalas and dried whole spices, the Amritsari bhurji recipe elevates the straightforward dish to a new level. You might try preparing the Amritsari Paneer bhurji, a fragrant and delectable paneer meal.

Amritsari Chole


Why not serve some delicious Amritsari chole with your Amritsari kulcha, you ask? Black chana, red and green chillies, chopped ginger and garlic, garam masala powder, and other staple ingredients are used to make this delectable dish, which has a relatively straightforward preparation.

Makke Ki Roti & Sarson Da Saag


The best time to consume this traditional Punjabi dish is during the chilly winter months when it will keep you warm. On Amritsar’s streets, the creamy Sarson da Saag creates a pleasant atmosphere when served with buttery maize roti. It is prepared in a traditional manner by dhabas, giving the food earthy characteristics.

Murg Makhani Amritsari


This creamy and delicious Amritsari Murg Makhani is prepared with copious amounts of butter and cream, just like its well-known cousin butter chicken. The Murg makhani is a simple dish that can be prepared at home and served for joyful occasions and dinner parties. This meal is enjoyed by both children and adults and goes well with naan, paratha, or even cooked rice.

Masala Amritsari Magaz

The Amritsari Magaz masala is a really flavorful stew cooked with lamb brains that use only pure desi ghee throughout the entire process. Magaz is a meal that mostly consists of dried melon seeds. Small pieces of the lamb brain are cooked in a gravy made from a mixture of creamy magaz and onion-tomato puree. Pair it with tandoori roti or naan.

Shammi Kebab with Mutton Tikka

Shammi-Kebab -with-Mutton-Tikka--taste-buds

Shami Kebab and Mutton Tikkas are essential to non-vegetarian cuisine. The golden-crusted Shami Kebabs with the spicy chicken interior are a pure treat. The signature meals in Amritsar include the mutton tikka, which is prepared on a tandoor and sautéed in ghee after being marinated in curds and secret spices.

Mutton Chaap

The marinating and slow cooking of the lamb ribs are the secrets to this mutton meal. The gravy has rich flavours and a taste thanks to rich spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and saffron.

Bheja Fry


Go ahead and eat this in Amritsar if you don’t mind eating a goat’s brain. Any cuisine, whether vegetarian or not, benefits from the distinctive flavours and fragrances of Amritsar’s traditional cooking style. Simply put, it is the chopped, fried, and spice- and herb-seasoned brain of a lamb.



This is a unique meal that is even more delicious in Amritsar. The ideal accompaniment to keema paratha is a broth made from pieces of goat or sheep legs that have been cooked with unique spices. The secret to this soup in Amritsar is precisely blending the spices that give it its distinctive flavours.

Amritsari Lassi

Amritsari Lassi, whether consumed alone or with your kulcha, will deeply please you. Amritsaris have discovered nirvana in the tall stainless Lassi glass, which is filled with churned yoghurt and has a thick coating of cream on top.

Mutton Curry


Mutton and vegetables are combined to make the tangy, hot Mutton Curry. It is prepared in Amritsar with curds, tomatoes, baby corn, onions, and ground masalas. The dish’s flavour is enhanced by the slow cooking technique.

Laddos Pinni & Besan


These two extremely unique sweets are among the delicious dairy dishes of Amritsar. They are the Pinni and Besan Laddoos. Even in the Golden Temple, pinni is presented as “prasad.” It is made specifically for occasions like festivals and festivities. It is made from urad dal and contains numerous dry fruits and ghee. When stored properly, it stays fresh.



You can’t beat the always popular jalebi among all the delicacies. Jalebi is a treat that is widely available in Amritsar and may be found in stores, dhabas, and sweet shops. Additionally, the jalebis are freshly prepared in front of you to enhance their flavour. They have a crunchy texture and a strong ghee and syrup flavour.

Gajar ka Halwa


Even chilly service is acceptable for the sizzling hot Gajar ka Halwa. However, when heated, the rich flavour of freshly grated carrots drenched in ghee is revealed. In Amritsar, the wintertime is when it is especially delectable.

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