Regional Variations of Holi Food: A Culinary Tour of India

In India, festivals are synonymous with happiness and joy. And to make the whole year bright, the festival is around the corner, i.e., Holi. But no celebration is complete without having tasty food and drinks, especially in India, where the top highlight of any festival is delicious and lip–smacking food. For ages, the Holi festival has been widely celebrated in all regions of India.
It starts with the burst of vibrant colours and fantastic foods; these festivals are all about enjoying good times with friends and family. In Indian festivals, it includes some degree of rituals, and Holi is about fun, revelry, and mouth–watering delicacies. The whole family comes together during these festivals and prepares for the festival. The true sense of Holi lies in relishing those traditional delicacies and playing with colours.
India is a diverse country, and every region has tasty food; for holi, you can witness the diversified culture and customs. Hence, in this blog, we have curated some fantastic regional variations of food that you can eat or try at home.

Tasty Food to Have on Holi Festival

Almost every state in India has its specific Holi dishes and traditions. So here are some fantastic tasty, delicious holi dishes around India that you can eat to feel like it’s always holi.


Malpua is one of India’s famous sweet dishes similar to pancakes. It is prepared with a batter of bananas, sugar, cardamom, flour, and milk. The Malpua is fried ghee and dipped in sugar syrup. This dish is perfect for a celebration like holi and Diwali, and usually, it is usually served with thick sweetened milk called rabdi. However, every region will give its taste and twist to the dish.


Lassi is the star of holi drinks, and it is available in different varieties like rose, Mithi, and mint lassi. During the holi celebration, the morning might be cold because afternoons tend to be hot. Drinking chill lassi not only kills the heat but clears the gut too. Also, it is healthy and tasty. The yogurt is a good probiotic. However, some of the best combinations with Lassi are chole bhature, kachori aloo, and paranthe, and one of the best is Sarsoo ka saag – makki ki roti. It is an upper version of buttermilk but thick in consistency. However, the icing on the lassi is the malai scooped on the top of the drink. It gives lassi a rich texture and taste.


The Indian sugary Gujiya is among Rajasthan’s most well-known Holi Dishes and the most sought-after sweets of this celebration. The traditional Holi sweet is an absolute must for this special day. With mouth-watering fillings and a crisp exterior layer, this dish will bring back Holi childhood memories. This delicious dumpling is prepared using semolina, flour, and Khoya. There are many variations of this delightful dish. It is packed with coconut, mawa-dried fruits, or coconut, and it is also baked or deep-fried. Today, these popular Holi sweets are available in various forms with names like chocolaty Gujiya, baked Gujiya, coconut Gujiya, and many others.

Bhang Pakore

Bhang is the mascot plant of Holi, and although you can incorporate them into your drinks, why not experiment with an entirely new recipe for Bhang Pakore? With the crispness of the Pakore and the flavorful taste of Bhang, it’s sure to shine on your menu. There’s perhaps no Indian festival that doesn’t require pakodas as a vital element of the celebrations; however, Holi calls for something different–Bhang Pakore.

The batter that makes these crisp-crunchy deep-fried delights doesn’t just require the usual ingredients like potatoes, onions, and Bhang, also known as cannabis leaves. While it is possible that including Bhang can make this particular variety of Pakodas euphoric, they don’t necessarily create that effect. In reality, since cannabis is being embraced across the globe for the health advantages it offers, Bhang pakodas are an excellent combination of flavor and health. What more could you want to celebrate Holi?

Dahi Bhalla

The name implies that the dish has two key components: dahi (curd) and vada (fried doughy balls made from the urad dal). Both are paired and then topped with spices, the sweet and spicy chutneys, to make a warming dish. It’s also known as dahi Bhalla within North India and is one of the most popular dishes during the Holi holiday. Some believe that the dish was originally from Bengal, Some claim it originated in Delhi, and some believe Uttar Pradesh to be the place of origin. The significant aspect of dahi Bhalla is that you can prepare them and freeze the leftovers later. They are more delicious when served chilled.


To have a delicious breakfast, many people depend on the Dhuska. The dish is famous across the state that is Jharkhand and Bihar. It is a dish that is cooked that is made from chilies, rice, dal, and garlic. It’s the most popular Holi traditional.

Dhuska is a well-loved deep-fried food that everyone enjoys during Holi. Crispy and sweet and served with green chutney and potato curry. This simple dish for the festive season is typically served as breakfast or an afternoon snack. Ghugni is the preferred accompanying dish—a basic curry made of black chickpeas (Chana). The latter is a trendy dish for the occasion.


Another simple and tasty snack to make food eaten during holi is Namakpare. It is prepared using all-purpose flour seasoned with salt and ghee and then deep-fried. Although it sounds so meager, the taste is fantastic, and it is eaten with pickles. During holi, it is prepared in bulks and kept in air-tight containers. A sweet version of Namakpare is called Shakkar Paare. Also, people are called by different names, sweet or spicy diamond cuts, and Nimki. It is popular among kids.


Every Bollywood Holi scene is complete with the dramatic pouring of a bottle of Thandai. This cooling milk drink is typically topped with spices and nuts and sometimes laced with Bhang (a drug that induces hallucinations). The drink is widely consumed throughout North India (Banaras is called the heart of Thandai). This drink is in the center of the festival and provides the benefits of medicine! In addition, it is the ideal drink to enjoy during the heat of March in the United States.

It is a refreshing, cool and refreshing drink to enjoy during the Holi celebrations. Thandai is another traditional Holi dish. Thandai is a drink of royalty with all masalas from Thandai employed, such as cashew, cardamom poppy seeds, black pepper, fennel seeds (saunf), and rose petals. All of them are cooling. It’s a must-drink for every Holi Party. Take a sip of this chilled drink at the end of the party, and you’re all rejuvenated. In some regions of India where bhang is grown, Bhang thandai is much loved.


This is a list of the most well-known traditional holiday foods. Although these unique dishes are made yearly, they are best enjoyed during the HOLI season…
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