Post Diwali Detox:  Foods That Can Cleanse You From Within


Maintaining a balanced diet could be challenging when surrounded by mountains of laddus, barfi, crunchy fried nibbles, and other tempting pakwans. We must have inhaled copious amounts of Kaji katli, chaats, samosas, pizza, pasta, and other fried dishes during the festivities of Karwachauth, Diwali, and Bhaiya dooj.

The ending of the Diwali celebrations marks the end of one leg of the holiday season. Our bodies must undoubtedly be different, even though we may terribly miss the fatty cuisine we indulge in in the weeks leading up to Diwali. We do a big disservice to our bodies if we constantly stress the digestive system to process these complex foods, which can lead to indigestion, bloating, or weight gain.

Now that Diwali is over, you can use these easy food and drink options to detox your body and stimulate the digestive system. You will also have radiant skin, reducing the likelihood of a breakout.

This article discusses how to detox after Diwali, how to cleanse your body of toxins, post-Diwali detox methods, and a diet to help you shed pounds after the holiday season.

Why Post Diwali detox is important?

For Healthy Weight Maintenance

After celebrations, the majority of people gain weight. Detoxification hence enables weight loss using a low-calorie diet. After the festival, maintaining a healthy weight can be achieved by eating the right, light foods.

Get rid of extra sugar in your body

When we eat more sugar, whether in the form of mithai, drinks, or anything else, our bodies require more insulin. It consequently puts pressure on our pancreas, which is what happens. Later on, it can cause diabetes, weight gain, and persistent fatigue.

Get rid of toxins

Your liver, kidneys, and digestive system were being harmed while you indulged in your favourite treats, sweet beverages, snacks, and junk food during the holiday season. Detoxification permits us to give our organs a rest and a break. Actually, detoxing helps your body rid itself of toxins that were taken in while you were consuming calorie-dense foods.

Regain body balance

Your body will be more balanced after a cleanse. It’s a great way to increase your metabolism and improve your general health.

 Following these post-Diwali detox suggestions will help you return to your healthy, happy self.

Green Tea

Green tea’s abundance of antioxidants assists in disease prevention and digestion in the liver. Additionally, it provides the body with deep hydration, balancing the effects of rich foods, which tend to cause the body’s water level to decrease. The body’s metabolism is accelerated by green tea, which helps to burn fat.

Lemon Water

Start your day with a drink of lemon water after Diwali. A simple lemon water glass can be a magical remedy that promotes detoxification and digestion. It forces the liver to make bile and aids in keeping the food simple to digest. Another option is to boil some water, let it cool, and then sip on it all day. According to Ayurveda, boiling water gives it energy that can purify our bodies.


Fruits are known to be a great source of fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients, therefore, if you’re going through a post-Diwali detox, you should eat at least 3 to 4 servings of different coloured fruits every day. Since each cell’s ability to grow depends on these nutrients, they serve as the body’s building blocks. Particularly in fruits, fibre aids in the removal of toxins that line the intestinal walls and impede the body from absorbing nutrients. You can pick from different natural products, including strawberries, melon, apples, berries, grapefruit, watermelon, kiwi, lime, oranges, guava, papaya, pears, pineapple, grapes, pomegranate, and then some.

Soaked Nuts and Dry Fruits

Our systems can be revitalised by soaked nuts, which facilitate digestion by reducing the amount of gluten in the carbs we eat. Proteins become easily absorbable when dried fruits and nuts are consumed after being soaked. Additionally, they assist in the colon’s cleansing by neutralising the toxins there. As they are so rich in Vitamin B, these nuts can be advantageous for vegetarians. You should be able to get by with just a few handfuls of dried fruit and soaked nuts.

Vegetable Soup

Enjoying a big bowl of vegetable soup is the best technique to get rid of body fat. It is healthy, and light, and it prolongs your feeling of fullness. You can make your soup thick or thin using different vegetables, depending on your preference. Vegetable soup boosts the liver of antioxidants and potassium, which generates the alkaline environment needed for the body to rid itself of toxins.

Avoid processed and junk meals during detoxing.

We frequently eat foods that are very fatty, heavy with sugar and salt, and artificial colours and flavours, and some of them may have been made in a dirty environment during the Diwali festival. As a result, after a Diwali feast, it’s best to avoid processed foods and fast food for a few days so that our bodies may get rid of the leftover garbage and poisons. Dosas and momos from Khau gali cling to Ghar ka Khana in place that.

Steamed Sprouts

Sprouts are loaded with health benefits for the body, skin, and hair, and heating them makes digestion easier. Sprouts are a true wonder meal since they improve blood purification and immunity. Sprouts include antioxidants that stop tissues from corroding, while omega-3 fatty acids encourage healthy-looking skin and hair. Sprouts, especially for women, can be highly helpful in reestablishing the body’s hormonal equilibrium. Additionally, they hydrate the body to prevent fluid loss brought on by an overabundance of fats and sweets.

Replacing sugar with honey and jaggery

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Since sugar doesn’t supply much nutrition, it is well known that it is a source of empty calories that only harms our bodies. As we consume a lot of sweets throughout the course of the five days of Diwali, it is ideal for cutting back on salt and sugar consumption afterwards. For a couple of days, attempt to cease eating pastries. Pick natural products or improve them with jaggery and honey assuming that you’re longing for something sweet. They are not only a fantastic sugar replacement but also healthy.

Wrapping Up

Experts advise you to maintain your weight appropriately after the holiday season. Each person has a unique body. We offer individualised diet plans for each person based on their health difficulties, bodily issues, preferences, daily routines, likes, and dislikes. 
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