Order Guilt free mithai during the Diwali festive

Many of us are concerned about our weight loss goals as Diwali arrives, due to celebrations and excessive eating. It’s difficult to resist the urge to overindulge in Diwali treats prepared at home or brought in from elsewhere.

Here’s some advice if you’re having trouble deciding whether to eat those laddoos or drink your green tea.

Here’s a list of guilt-free desserts that have been authorized by experts and can be made at home.

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Energy Laddoos

Dry fruit energy balls or laddoos are a healthy, delicious, and simple way to satisfy your sweet tooth. The benefits of real foods like almonds and dates is packed into these naturally sweetened energy balls. Eat homemade food to manage health.

Dates are high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. Make a huge batch of these tasty snacks and enjoy them. You can eat them whenever and wherever you want without worrying about gaining weight. Nuts, on the other hand, are satisfying, nutrient-dense, and antioxidant-rich. There is much online homemade food delivery that provides the option to order guilt-free mithai during the Diwali festive.

Caramelized salted nuts

Nuts are a widely consumed and nutritious snack. Many others, on the other hand, find it monotonous to eat it every day as a snack. Cooks from home are experts in making this dish.

This recipe for caramelised salted nuts is a fun variation of traditional nuts and makes a great breakfast snack. Home made dishes add little maa ka Pyar.

Nuts are high in fatty acids and proteins, which keep you fuller for longer and provide a quick energy boost. As a morning snack, bring one serving of this recipe with you.

Pumpkin Burfi

Pumpkin burfi is a tasty, gluten-free, and nutritious Indian dessert. It’s simple, quick, and doesn’t require any pre-planning, making it ideal for festivals and holidays.

With its orange colour, pumpkin burfi is a fantastic nutritious delicacy that will encourage anyone to consume it.

No matter how health-conscious you are, everyone needs a little dessert now and then, and this pumpkin burfi will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Pumpkin is high in Vitamin A and antioxidants, and it aids in the immune building. It also has a low-calorie count, making it ideal for weight loss.

Poppyseed Payasam 

The flavour of this South Indian speciality sugar-free is exquisite. Everything about the dessert is healthy, and all the nuts and seeds are fantastic providers of omega fatty acids and rich mineral content. It’s made with crushed poppy seeds, almonds, and coconut, as well as moong dal and jaggery. It’s also better for blood sugar and hormonal balance because it’s made with lentils and jaggery. Poppyseeds are extremely relaxing and can aid with stress relief. Homemade food selling app especially added dishes that are healthy and sugar-free.


Gajak, made with sesame and jaggery, is a daily must-have during the winter months! It’s a deliciously nutritious dessert. Sesame seeds are mineral-dense and calcium-rich. It contains ten times the calcium of dairy milk. This dessert is guilt-free thanks to the high-quality fat and fibre, as well as the bone-building benefits. However, eating healthily does not imply that we should consume enormous quantities of it.

Mewa or Dry Fruit Mixture

This is the healthiest option for a holiday dessert as well as everyday eating. It’s also a choice that’s always available for Diwali get-togethers and gifting. Choose this to supplement your diet with high-quality fat, as well as minerals, protein, and fibre. Because it is in its entire fruit form, with fibre intact, the natural sugars in dried fruit are the finest choice in sweets compared to any other sweetener, including jaggery or palm sugar. If you have diabetes, PCOD, or are attempting to lose weight, this is a wonderful option.

Nolen Gur Sandesh 

This is a seasonal delicacy that is increasingly more widely available across India. Fresh Date Palm Jaggery (Nolen Gur) and chenna (milk fat) are used to make this product. Because of the fresh Palm Jaggery, which is gathered in the winter months and is mineral-dense, a high source of iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium, this popular Bengali sweet makes the healthy list. It’s great for boosting haemoglobin levels and even bone health. Palm jaggery is also a less processed, more natural sweetener with a lower glycemic index, which is important with all the holiday eating!

Grilled Almond Burfi

Barfis hold a particular place in our hearts, and Diwali is never complete without them. This Diwali, instead of going for the sugary ones, try cooking this grilled Almond Sugar free barfi. This Almond barfi is a simple three-ingredient recipe that is packed with the benefits of fried almonds and some flavorful khoya.

Khas Malpoi

Why stick to the customary sweets when you can try something a little different and reward your taste buds for this delectable dessert? The Khaas Malpoi, made with traditional gajar ka halwa and wrapped in thin sheets like pancakes, is the perfect dessert to impress guests this holiday season.

Faldhari Badam ki Barfi

A sugar-free mithai that you may enjoy without worrying about your health this festive season. It’s created with Mawa and the nutritional benefits of walnuts, figs, and almonds. Cook the mawa and nuts, then combine all of the ingredients, plate, and cut before serving. Finish with a sprinkling of nutmeg powder for a hint of scent, and it’s ready to serve.


Phirni with a Twist: Why not add phirni when discussing rich traditional festival sweets? What makes you think that? Since time immemorial, our celebratory delicacies have included the rich and delicious Phirni. This hallmark dish is creamy and milky, although it can also be made without sugar. This luscious and aromatic sugar-free treat is likely to win your heart all over again, adorned with crushed almonds and pistas and topped with rose essence. The home foodie app adds this dish to the menu.

Fig mousse

Fig (Anjeer) is a delightful winter fruit with a particular flavour that we enjoy eating. Why not turn your affection for Anjeer into a creamy, silky dessert? This festive season, Anjeer mousse is exactly what you need to create a blend of your love for classic sweets and distinctive flavours.


Diwali, one of the most highly awaited Indian festivals, has finally here! As the auspicious day approaches, we’ve begun adorning our homes and offices, as well as planning house parties and get-togethers. And, as we all know, food is the main attraction at any party, and Diwali is no exception. But, if you’re scared that all the sweets on the Diwali menu will sabotage your weight-loss efforts thus far, don’t be! Because we discovered a variety of sugar-free mithais that you can easily create at home to boost the festive factor in your diet. Even better, these mithais require little time and effort, are organically sweetened by fruits, and are exceedingly tasty!

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