Love Paratha? Try This Lip-Smacking Paratha By Home Chefs


Indian flatbreads are known as “parathas,” and they frequently come stuffed. Dough made from regular wheat flour is kneaded, rolled out, and then filled with various contents depending on taste, mood, or availability. They are delicious when prepared properly with well-balanced spices & copious amounts of stuffing.

Try these delicious paratha recipes, and you’ll thank us later.

Sattu ka paratha

Are you a health nut who is constantly looking for ideas for a balanced lunch or dinner? It’s a very tasty and healthful recipe with zesty flavours that will tempt your taste buds. Ideal accompaniments to this North Indian meal are curd, pickle, and baingan ka bharta.

Aloo Paratha


Aloo paratha, which is rightfully in the first place, is a very filling dinner in and of itself. The traditional Aloo Paratha filling consists of boiled potatoes that have been mashed and then seasoned with salt, red chilli powder, green chillies, and a tonne of fresh coriander leaves. rolled, flattened, then grilled with clarified butter on both sides after being stuffed within dough balls. It has a fresh outside and delicate, scrumptious potato stuffing inside. really wonderful and incredibly reassuring. Ideal accompaniments include some fresh curd and papad.

Paneer Paratha


Paneer Paratha, or cottage cheese paratha, is another mouthwatering treat. The filling is prepared by crushing or shredding some fresh Paneer with some good flavour. Onions that have been finely chopped sometimes also go into this filling. Paneer Paratha is undoubtedly a pleasure because it is so very filling and healthful, loaded with protein goodness, and full of flavour.

Methi aloo paratha


Breakfast with parathas is a great way to start the day. They are nutritious, and nourishing, and offer you enough calories to sustain you all day. Try making this METHI ALOO PARATHA RECIPE using potatoes, curd, and fenugreek leaves. Serve them with your preferred pickle or dip.

Palak Paratha


The Spinach or Palak Paratha is a rather uncommon but tasty paratha. It works by adding spinach puree to the flour while you manipulate the mixture. A small amount of ginger, garlic, and green chillies are also included in that puree. It produces a flavorful dough that is green in colour, which is further pressed into the right shape to make the delicious, somewhat sour parathas.

Gobi Paratha

North India is home to many fans of Gobi Paratha. Gobi Paratha is made with finely ground crude cauliflower (Gobi), salt, red stew powder, some Garam Masala, and a couple of essential flavors like green chilies, coriander, and so forth. Prior to stuffing the cauliflower, a few people decide to bubble it. In any case, in light of the fact that the filling doesn’t turn out to be extremely clammy on the inside, the crude filling that cooks only once while the paratha is on the iron preferences much better.

Mix -Veg Paratha


The Vegetable Paratha is a highly wholesome and nourishing paratha. It primarily contains carrots and cabbage (pattagobi) (Gaajar). The mixture is squeezed to reduce its water content. A few spices work great for this. A scrumptious recipe that is ideally suited for a lunchbox or a fantastic breakfast at home. combines great with a chilled Raita.

Mooli paratha

Mooli is a radish nickname. The first step in creating these parathas is to peel and grate the radishes. The next step is to squeeze this grated mixture in a cotton towel to remove the excess water. The stuffing is prepared after being well seasoned. Radishes have a strong flavour, but when they are packed in a plain dough, the flavours are properly balanced and the radishes taste excellent.

Lachha Paratha


Layered parathas are referred to as lachha paratha. Their multilayered texture gives them their name. Additionally, Maida or refined flour is used to make the dough. They are bland and don’t actually have much stuffing. With clarified butter, these are shallow fried. What sets them from from other paratha varieties is their rolling method and technique. They are also known as Kerala’s “Malabar Parathas,” and they are the perfect balance of crunchy and soft delicacy.

Pudina paratha

One of the most cooling products in the kitchen is mint leaves, often known as pudina. Its lovely, fresh flavour makes it an absolute necessity for the paratha menu. Pudina leaves are either microwaved for a brief period of time or are simply chopped very tiny. After that, seasoning is completed using chosen spices. The dough is stuffed, and then the layers of parathas are pressed flat. It pairs incredibly well with some savoury, silky, and perfectly balanced Kaali Dal.

Dal Parathas


You can load dal parathas with either moong dal or chana dal. The ones made using moong dal are often lighter. Before being cooked under pressure, dal is first steeped for a while. After that, it is cooked for a little longer while still having the lid open (to let the moisture out). The stuffing is then placed within dough balls, prepared for further processing, before being served steaming hot.

Cheese Paratha

A somewhat contemporary variation on the basic paratha is cheese paratha. As with any other standard Paratha, the filling consists of a lot of cheese, some garlic, red chilli powder, green chilies, and coriander. The cheese dissolves while the paratha cooks on a hot frying pan (tawa), improving the lavishness and flavour incredibly!

Onion paratha

For these parathas, the onions are chopped extremely finely. The water content is eliminated. After that, the parathas are gently pressed flat so as not to rip before the filling is put into the ball of pinched dough. To absorb the moisture, dry flour is sprinkled on it as it is being rolled. The crunchy, spicy, and somewhat sour parathas are ready when both sides are crisp!

Lauki paratha

Peeled, cleaned, and grated bottle gourds are called laukis. The water is not removed first, and then dry wheat flour is added to the mixture itself. This prepares the dough for parathas. The rest of the paratha-making procedure is standard. Unlike most other dishes that use lauki as a main ingredient, lauki parathas are delicious and extremely healthful.

Garlic paratha


All-purpose flour and garlic are used to make the delicious paratha recipe known as GARLIC PARATHA. This North Indian cuisine is great for breakfast and brunch and would be enjoyed by all.

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