Local cuisines to try in Arunachal Pradesh


The cultural legacy and cuisine of Arunachal Pradesh have been preserved for generations. The cuisine of Arunachal Pradesh is a hot issue because food is such an important aspect of North East Indian culture and satisfies a traveler’s desire to learn about the unfamiliar.

The local cuisine of Arunachal Pradesh listed below:



All other foods are served as side dishes in Arunachal Pradesh because rice is the region’s main diet. The most distinctive feature of their rice is that it is cooked differently than other types of rice in Arunachal, where they choose to cook it in hollow bamboo over hot coals.

Pika Pila

The Pika Pila is a dish that is traditionally eaten in Arunachal Pradesh and can be found in every home and restaurant there. This pickle, which mixes well with rice, curries, dried fish, etc., is thought to have been invented by the Apatani tribe. Pika Pila, one of the most well-known foods of Arunachal Pradesh that you must taste on your next trip, is made with pig fat and bamboo sheets.

Bamboo shoot


Due to its delicate flavour, bamboo shoots are a popular dish in Arunachal Pradesh and throughout the North Eastern States. The delectable bamboo shoots are used in pickles, chutneys, pickled vegetables, cooked meat, and other meals.


The Lukter is yet another specialty of Arunachal Pradesh cuisine. Simple enough, lukter is a mixture of cooked, dried beef and flakes of the Bhut Jolokia or King chilli.


Pehak is another delicious side dish from Arunachal Pradesh. Pehak is a type of hot chutney prepared from fermented soy beans and red chilies. The major component in this dish, which gives it its heat and spice, is definitely the King Chilli. This spicy, acidic mash pairs wonderfully with the flavour of flavoured rice.



You must all be wondering what an apong is. It is just another term for rice beer, which is one of the most significant traditional drinks in Arunachal Pradesh and plays a significant role in the local cuisine.

Chura Sabzi

The Chura Sabzi is one of Arunachal Pradesh’s most comforting dishes. It is a cheese made from yak milk and a variety of veggies. This Arunachali delicacy has a subtle flavour that makes you want to eat at least a bowl of it with some freshly cooked rice.

Wungwut Ngam

Wungwut Ngam comes in second place on the list of popular dishes in Arunachal Pradesh. The ingredients for this delicacy are chicken, rice powder, and regional seasonings. This dish, which is offered in restaurants and food stands, is ideal to eat after exploring.



Vegetarian momos are typically filled with a variety of vegetables like cabbage, potato, and carrot, while their non-vegetarian momos are typically filled with chicken, mutton, or beef. Try it soon if you haven’t already; it’s one of Arunachal Pradesh’s most well-known dishes!


One of the most traditional foods in Arunachal Pradesh, pasa is still a favourite among the natives. In times of war, troops would prepare this delicious raw fish dish without lighting a fire. The Arunachali tribes have a particular place in their hearts for this spicy cuisine because of its historical significance.


There are several customs that are still followed in Arunachal Pradesh even if the cuisine has changed throughout time. One such delicacy prepared in the same manner as a century ago is ngatok.

Koat Pitha

The Koat Pitha is a popular sweet food dish in Arunachal Pradesh that is enjoyed by all ages, including children, adults, and the elderly. Koat Pitha is sold for incredibly low costs at a number of kiosks in Tawang, Itanagar, and other places. Flour, jaggery, and bananas are combined, then perfectly fried.


The love of bamboo shoots is well known in Arunachal Pradesh. In fact, you’ll find that these sprouts add a unique flavour and spice to a variety of cuisines. The delectable Arunachali appetiser papuk is made from chicken, fermented bamboo shoots, banana flowers, and red chilies.


One of the easiest recipes from Arunachal Pradesh that will soothe your travelling stomach is called “lite”! In essence, this is a rice cake that is baked or fried and served with veggies, dal, or a curry made with meat. Due to its adaptability, tourists from all over the world favour Lite in all of their meals!

Mala Roti

The Mala Roti is a dish that can be consumed while travelling in Arunachal Pradesh. When going on a hike or picnic, you can bring a lot of Mala Rotis and eat them along the way.

Nou Kai Noo Som

This dish is available in many forms throughout Arunachal Pradesh. The tribal people make this well-known dish with chicken stew, bamboo stalks, and spices. On the other hand, residents in the hilly area favour boiling their meat with simple seasonings. Please try both; they are both delectable on their own.


If you believe that matar chaat is not loved in the North East, you are utterly mistaken! One of Arunachal Pradesh’s most alluring street food specialties is guguni. The preparation is essentially the same as the standard matar chaat you would find in Calcutta, but with a few modifications to make it a part of Arunachalese cuisine.


Every day, dal-bhaat (dal and rice) is eaten with byak, a chutney or side dish. Thai eggplant is used in its preparation, either roasted or boiled. To give it a tangy flavour, it is then combined with ginger, red chilies, and other herbs.


You must now be aware of Arunachal Pradesh’s passion for fermented foods. Numerous foods are fermented because it improves flavour and facilitates long-term preservation.


The Bresi is a delectable meal that will make your heart sing and dance with happiness. It is made with rice, sugar, dried fruit, and melted butter and is very well-liked during festivals. In the streets of Tawang, Itanagar, and other cities, you may smell the divine aroma of Bresi.

Po Cha

Every Himalayan state has its unique kind of butter tea because of the region’s intense affection for this beverage. Black tea is first boiled in Arunachal Pradesh’s Po Cha, which is then further brewed with milk that has been added on top. You get a beautiful hot beverage that will make your world revolve after the addition of the yak milk butter and some salt.

These are the dishes that are typical of Arunachal Pradesh. So, enjoy each meal.


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