Indulge in India’s Flavorsome Feast: Savor the Best

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India has 29 states and seven union territories. But India still needs to stand out from other countries around the globe. India is a country rich in vibrant and diverse. Every state has its own culture, traditions, language, cuisine, and way of life.

You will be amazed at the differences in the food people enjoy, whether you’re visiting Kashmir up north or Kerala down south. This is why India is a favorite country for gourmet foodies around the globe. Below is a list of Indian states with their most famous dishes. This will give you an idea of how India’s food scene looks so you can concentrate on the best local cuisines when you visit the country.

Dal Makhani – Punjab


Most foodies have had the pleasure of tasting dal, but nothing beats the experience of eating the original dish from the country it was made. Dal is the Hindi term for lentils. This soup-like delight is made by simmering small black lentils for hours. Dal makhani is a special kind of lentil dish. This dish is considered best and should only be used for significant events like weddings. Makhani meaning “buttery” in Hindi, it’s easy to imagine how creamy and rich this Indian classic tastes. So, head to Punjab in India’s northern region to taste the real deal.

Hyderabadi Biryani – Hyderabad


The Hyderabadi Biryani, a unique dish that this city has to offer, is known by all foodies as one of the most delicious biryanis in India. This is just one of the many delicacies this city has to offer. They are known for their excellent street food. Start your Varanasi food tour from Assi Ghat. Here you will find the best cuisines! The Haleem and various Seekh Kebabs are a must-try. For some delicious biscuits, stop by Karachi Bakery while you’re here. The Marina Road restaurant Hotel Shabad, an ancient establishment, offers amazing chicken nihari at INR 60.

Vada – Pav – Maharashtra


Maharashtrian cuisine includes a variety of dishes, ranging from mild to spicy. Many great restaurants serve traditional Maharashtrian food all over the state. The Vada Pav is the most beloved. It is a potato fritter between two bread buns and served with piquant Chutney, green chilies, and piquant chutney. Pav-bhaji and shrikhand are also popular dishes from this region.

Dabeli – Gujarat


Dabeli is a Gujarati snack originated in the Kutch region of Gujarat. Kutch is home to 20 lakhs of Dabelis per day. Another Indian variation of burgers is this spicy snack. The boiled potatoes are seasoned with a special Dabeli masala. This mixture is then served with the Dabeli buns, also known as “Ladi Pav.” Dabeli can be accompanied by many types of chutney, including those made from coriander, garlic, and tamarind. Dabeli can be served with a garnish of roasted peanuts or pomegranate. This street food dish will make you hungry.

Litti Chokha – Bihar

Litti Chokha is a delicious, mouth-watering dish that all can enjoy. This is Bihar’s grand welcome to its delicious ghee-dripping food. It is made from wheat and sattu, with spices. They are needed to make round, spicy balls dipped into ghee. Litti is a delight for foodies due to its crunchy crust and texture. Chokha is made by mashing vegetables, most commonly tomatoes, potatoes, brinjal, and tomatoes, and adding spices. It’s then served with Litti as an accompaniment.

Pani Puri – Bihar

Panipuri or Guppa are believed to have originated in the northern state of Bihar. Pani puri is a street snack made from deep-fried hollows of wheat or semolina. These are served with spicy chickpeas, spicy potatoes, and tamarind water. Pani puri is an unforgettable experience. You open the shell of the deep-fried body with a spoon and then fill it with delicious accompaniments. To avoid any spillage, most Indians eat panipuri with one quick bite. These street snacks are loved by everyone, from city business people to students at local colleges.

Chenna Poda

Odisha’s cheesecake! Chhena Poda is the sweet Odisha is most famous for. It is Lord Jagannath’s favorite sweet and is often presented to him at Puri Temple. It is impossible to forget the lingering aroma of semolina and cottage cheese combined with sugar syrup. This unique dessert is baked for hours until it turns red. The caramelized sugar brings out the Chhena poda flavor. This dish can be found in nearly every corner of the country and is easy to prepare and delicious.

Chholley Bhature from Punjab


You read that Chholley Bhature comes from Punjab correctly, but don’t be surprised to find it in your backyard. Chholley Bhature can be found at fancy restaurants, but street vendors are the best place to find this delicious dish. This delicious curry is made with chickpeas and served with Maida fried bread. Pickles, mint chutney, and salad accompany it. This super street food from India will transport you to a world of delicious flavors with every bite.

Idli & Dosa – Tamil Nadu


By mentioning the dosa or idli, India’s taste is complete. It is home to the most popular South Indian cuisine, which is widely enjoyed around the globe. Many dosas are found in the region, but the most common is the masala Dosa, a rice-baked crepe filled with potatoes and served with Sambhar or coconut Chutney. You must also try the Idlis, Appam, Rasam, Chettinad Chicken, and Poultry in this area.

Aloo Chaat – Uttar Pradesh

Crispy potatoes with spicy chutney and tangy masala; this street food from India is a gift to your taste buds from Uttar Pradesh. Aloo Chaat is best enjoyed with a cold glass of coke in summer and a warm cup of tea during winter. To make it more flavorful and tangy, add lemon juice.

Poha Jalebi from Madhya Pradesh

The perfect combination presents for unique tastes. Poha Jalebi, a street food from India, is sweet and sour. It’s a favorite in Madhya Pradesh. Poha Jalebi is a delicious combination of flattened rice and sweet jalebis. You’ll need this to live in Madhya Pradesh on your daily adventures.

Momos – Sikkim


Momos, who doesn’t love momos? Sikkim is complementary to Momos. Sikkim will provide you with the best momos that you have ever had in your entire life. Momos are believed to be Tibetan in origin and influenced by Nepalese food. Momo is a small package containing steamed buns with some fillings. Momo usually consists of two parts: the cover and the fill. The dough used to cover the momo is made from white flour and water. To enhance the texture of momos, yeast, and baking soda are added to the dough. These momos are originally made with ground meat fillings. However, many modifications have been made to make dumplings even more delicious over time.


India is a beautiful culinary destination. The food is made with love and served with the same passion. Unsurprisingly, India’s food is a famous region for travelers. These names will tickle your taste buds while you plan your Indian state trip.

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