Our Entrepreneurial Journey Begins


A wonderful business idea is at the heart of every new product. However, not all brilliant ideas result in profitable products or services. To turn a spark of an idea into a marketable proposition, an entrepreneur must have a unique combination of creative thought, business acumen, and an inventive strategy. The Entrepreneurial Journey aids in the development of this critical skill set.

The path is appropriate for both individuals who want to create their own business and those who want to innovate as intrapreneurs within a company — the essential procedure is the same. In the Innovation and Entrepreneurship module, you will construct a value proposition, conduct customer discovery research, validate the product or service, and create a full-fledged business proposal based on your main food interest.

Our journey as an entrepreneur begins in Vadodara.

We met the first group of interested cooks in Vadodara to learn about their passions, challenges, and suggestions. It was great fun to meet a group of chefs that share our enthusiasm for food.

They gave us a very positive response, and they all loved our objective of empowering home chefs to launch their businesses with the support of technology and logistics.

We can all agree that it is a pressing need to provide decent, wholesome, hygienic, and home-cooked meals to the community to lower the risk of lifestyle and other diseases.

It was also discussed why restaurant food is unhealthy for the community, what kind of unethical practices they engage in to make money, and how we can stop this by raising knowledge of nutritious, home-cooked food. We’ve determined that this business will have the mission of providing the community with healthy, hygienic, and unique cuisine.

It was decided that we would all work hard to disseminate knowledge about home-cooked cuisine that is healthful and made according to your unique preferences.

We all believe and agree that home-cooked food has many advantages, such as genuine ingredients, hygienic conditions, and we eat some of the food that we serve to customers; we customise food to meet customer needs, such as low salt, low sugar, or less oil; and we also prepare custom food for patients or other health-conscious people based on dietician recommendations. We also talked about how we’re having some challenges with online payment, delivery, customer feedback, and reviews, as well as predatory commission policies by big meal delivery apps.

Collaboration is key to success

We’ll form a group of home chefs. One of the most appealing aspects of the Entrepreneurial Journey is the opportunity to collaborate with multiple chefs who are interested in starting a culinary business. You can explore the commercial feasibility of ideas based on the latest breakthroughs in food technology and design as part of a self-selected, multi-disciplinary team. This project will build on the complementary skill sets in the team and allow both the deployment and development of your areas of expertise, making it an excellent opportunity to exercise your teamwork abilities. For the food initiative, there will be a lot of help available.

Pitching to the food experts

The project concludes in a live presentation of your business case to an expert panel of venture capitalists to compete for a cash award. By the end of this hands-on adventure, you’ll have learned how to prepare a company and how to use design and innovation to turn ideas into a new product or service.

If you are a passionate home chef and like to start your food business journey with us, we are enthusiastic to welcome you to our team; kindly fill up the joining form here. 

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