Home Chef Meet Up Event


Home Chefs are collaborating on a new project with FND.

Let’s embark culinary adventure together!

Yes, there is nothing like Ghar Ka Khana, but finding home food has never been easy.

So here we are happy to announce that our application will operate soon which helps you find a Ghar ka khan.

With our application, anyone can now order food from our Home Chef’s Kitchen that is prepared according to their preferences and tastes. Our app offers a diverse range of Home Chefs who are willing to offer everything from snacks to desserts.


To celebrate this moment, the FND authorities organised a chef meetup event on March 28th, Vadodara, which provides a wealth of information on cooking, quality management, and various methodologies. We are grateful to have received such a huge number of responses in such a short period.

The FND team was delighted to receive such positive feedback on our app. There are many questions and suggestions highlighted on how we can scale in the next phase with many exciting features that will change society’s mindset to migrate from unhealthy restaurant foods to home-cooked and tasty food.

We’d also like to shed some light on how chefs can use FND to launch their food businesses.

Our company’s mission is to provide healthy home-cooked meals right to your door. Simultaneously, it promotes home chefs. We want to create India’s largest community of talented Home Chefs who are committed to providing consumers with healthy, fresh, hygienic, and delicious home food delicacies. All of the cooks are ecstatic to go live, and we’re gearing up with zeal. It’s a great platform for ladies who enjoy cooking, and it empowers housewives to start their businesses. Every Chef has the opportunity to develop a unique personality, gain a large number of customers, and work with us. Our home cooks come from all over the cities, helping to foster a diverse culture and bring people together through home cooking.

Home chefs are satisfying every hunger pang with delectable cuisine that satisfies every foodie’s desire, whether they are a bunch of friends, members of the family, or any loved ones. It’s showtime for all the home chefs to reveal their secret recipes and cooking skills to others.

Customers can now savour delectable delicacies that have been applauded throughout history.


People are progressively trusting healthful and clean home cuisine over restaurants and outside food in general. With FND’s assistance, any homemaker can overcome obstacles and become a successful home chef. We’ve made it incredibly simple for every homemaker to resolve all of their business-starting obstacles. Every Home Chef is well-supported to provide a smooth platform onboarding and proper training to understand the market potential and capitalise on every opportunity.

FND aimed to transform the dining culture across the cities while also assisting home chefs in starting their businesses in the food industry.

We provide a platform for home cooks to work from home. We intend to rapidly expand its presence to other major Indian cities.

It is a great honour for us to encourage the development of a healthy India by providing people with healthy and nutritious home cooking.


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