Goa Street Food List


The typical Indian street food, such as samosas, burgers, patties, and Chinese food, is available in Goa, but the coastal state also has its own take on the food. Goan cuisine is known for its use of strong flavours, spices, and a wide variety of meat and seafood dishes that are not vegetarian.

Pork Vindaloo


Indian spices were added to a local Christian recipe to create the flavorful and spicily-seasoned street cuisine of Goa known as Pork Vindaloo. It is made by cooking boneless pork chops and potatoes with Indian seasonings like cumin, Kashmiri pepper, cloves, and vinegar in large quantities. In the streets of Goa, there are numerous food vendors lined up, all providing this regional speciality.

Gadbad Ice cream


One of the must-try Goan street foods is Gadbad Ice Cream. It is a tall glass of falooda, vermicelli, jelly, or jam topped with a mixture of two or three distinct flavours of ice cream. Cream Centre in Panjim and Navtara Veg Restaurant in Mapusa both offer convenient access to it.

Ras Omelette

The mouthwatering and renowned Ras omelette is a must-have when talking about Goan street cuisine. An ordinary egg with chicken gravy is a mouth-watering flavour explosion. Ras omelette is a common dish in Goa, but locals favour the version served at Ravi Ras Omelette in Panjim.

Misal Pav


Misal Pav is a well-known street meal in Goa and is a healthier and more nutritional substitute for Pav Bhaji. Pav is typically served with misal, a filling and fiery curry composed with lentils, mixed sprouts, and moth beans. This is some of the best street cuisine in Goa since it is tasty, inexpensive, and healthful.

Chorizo (Goan Sausages)


These spicy pork meat sausages flavoured with spices and onions/potatoes, which are popular among residents as a breakfast item or evening snack, can be found in large baskets carried by numerous bicycle vendors early in the morning. Typically, bread is paired with chorizo, which is readily available.



Many Goan street food booths sell shawarma. It consists of crunchy lettuce and vegetables piled high in a flatbread with gently flavoured slow-cooked and smoked beef. Popular places to eat shawarma in Goa include Haji Ali Restaurant and Shawarma King in Panjim.



This delectable street snack, which is popular not just in Goa but throughout the entire nation, is a crispy, golden-brown puff pastry filled with vegetables, beef, chicken, mutton, and many other Konkan delicacies. Special beetroot samosas are a favourite among both locals and visitors.

Fish Thali


The Goan fish thali, a favourite among Konkan households, lets you eat like a local and experience the beauties of the sea. The ingredients for this dish are rice, rotis, veggies, pickles, clam fried rice, and a variety of fish curries and fish fried rice. This affordable lunch is delicious, filling, and healthy!

Prawn Curry


A visit to Goa would not be complete without trying the local prawns! A rich curry is made with tiger and king prawns that have been marinated in coconut and a spice blend. You’ll invariably want more when it’s served with rice and roti!

Pork Chops


Goan chops, a delicious combination of russet potatoes, beef, lamb, and pork, make a great cheat meal this summer. Chops are a common street meal in Goa, served with a hot cup of chai, and seasoned with a variety of mouthwatering spices.


In Goa, the Goan Poi is your best buddy if you’re seeking for guilt-free street cuisine. To go with curries, butter, tea, and even sweet spreads, this whole-wheat bun is ideal. For the true flavours of the perfectly soft, delectable Poi, visit tiny bakeries and unassuming street vendors.

The Chinese fast food options available in Goa’s street stalls and restaurants combine East Asian mainstays like noodles, dumplings, fried rice, and Schezwan meals with Indian veggies and spices. Get ready for a spectacular fusion of Chinese flavours with Indian sensibilities.



No matter where you are, Panjim, Margao, or Mapusa, you will be astounded to see a number of large red carts with the word “Frankies” emblazoned on them. Indian flatbreads that have been grilled and loaded with a variety of toppings are offered. You can take advantage of their ease of handling and eating while exploring or buying in the Goan markets. Vegetables, soybean pieces, eggs, or chicken are just a few examples of the contents. The majority of these rolls are tasty and affordable, in addition to being spicy.



The Goan beef croquettes are well-liked among gourmands. They are made using beef mince, eggs, bread, tomatoes, onions, and pork sausages. They are portable and a real treat for your taste buds. These must-try snacks are readily available at the food stalls that line Goan streets. They are spicy and tangy.

Chorizo Pav

In Goa, choris (also known as Goan sausages) is a popular dish. The locals eat it for breakfast or even as a snack during tea. This spicy pork meat dish is created with precooked sausage, onions, and occasionally potatoes and is eaten with bread.



Bondas’ ability to be prepared in a variety of ways, including spicy, bland, and sweet, makes it special. Bondas, a traditional Mysore dish, are now available on the Goa street food scene. Bondas are relished as a snack or for breakfast and are best served with chutney.

Pav Bhaji


There are a few chaat vendors in Goa, primarily in the vicinity of the beach and market areas, where a sizable portion of the city’s visitors are from Mumbai. The food lane on Miramar Beach is one of the most well-known chaat locations in Goa. There are carts selling pav bhaji, sev puri, paani puri, and a wide range of chaats at this bustling street corner.

Cafreal chicken


The dish known as cafreal chicken has a spicy flavour and a green color. After this masala is combined with the chicken, it is cooked. While salads can be served alongside this Goan dish, it is not required.

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