Food Next Door Is Excited To Introduce Master Chef Karan Saini


Attention Home Chef!

Food Next Door proudly announces our collaboration with Master Chef Karan

We all want to improve our recipes and make our customers happy. So, how would you feel if you get the opportunity to learn and train by one of India’s leading master chefs?

We at FND are excited to share our engagement with Mr Karan Saini, amongst the top chefs in India and The Times Food Awardee.


His extensive culinary knowledge and the privilege of having served as a Head Chef in several of India’s premier hotels, including the Taj Group, places Karan Ji as our heart warming mentor.

While at these premier establishments, Karan ji has had the privilege of preparing meals for prominent political figures – including The President of India.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to gain peculiar culinary expertise.

We solicit his expertise in mentoring our home chefs family and promise you to gain from his extensive knowledge

Home chefs at Food Next Door possess in-depth knowledge of their recipes and accumulated skills. Every chef here with us is brilliant and has their own secret recipe, but the world of cuisine is endless and evolving, and there is still much to learn.

We, at FND believe, that the home chefs need not detach themselves from their existing unique traditional cooking patterns, yet encourage them to explore innovative cooking styles. It therefore becomes imperative to stay updated on new culinary trends and cooking methods to keep up with the global trends. Our expert chef, Mr Karan Saini will walk you through the new, exclusive cooking methods and address all the questions – from taste to portions.

Master chef Karan Saini will share his expert advice on your recipes. You will learn not only how to cook more quickly, but also, how to flavor your food, what portion size to serve your customers, how to add a specific flavor to your dishes, how to fix some mistakes, and how to make the best use of food waste…and so much more !


You can minimize mistakes or accidents by identifying when something goes amiss. His knowledge will help our home chefs prepare meals of higher quality, better presentation, better packaging, better pricing, discover different recipes and emphatically, how to generate suitable flavors in accordance with consumer preferences.

Karan ji will guide you on your recipes and show you how to cook more efficiently, how to add flavor to your food, determine the ideal serving size, and how to select the proper seasonings. Additionally, you’ll learn some interesting tips on enhancing the flavor of your leftovers and how to swiftly correct mistakes as they happen in real-time.

Let’s Decode Unique Food Mysteries With Master Chef Karan.

Details About The Event Coming Soon !

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