FND Team visits Pune to meet partner home-chefs


On our recent trip to Pune, the Food Next Door team had the opportunity to sit down with our competent partner home chefs and discuss their feedback and suggestions.

We welcomed with warm smiles and were invited to share tea and snacks as we delved into a meaningful conversation about the future of Food Next Door.

Our home chefs shared their insights and ideas for improving the platform and delivering a better customer experience.

We were grateful for the opportunity to listen and learn from these talented individuals who bring so much passion and flavour to the Food Next Door community. Their dedication to their craft and commitment to providing high-quality meals are genuinely inspiring.

As we left Pune, we felt energized and motivated to continue growing and improving our platform. We are committed to supporting and uplifting our home chefs, and we look forward to implementing their suggestions as we move forward.


In addition to meeting with our home chefs, we were also interviewed by a local newspaper. It was a pleasure to share our story and vision with the community, and we hope to continue spreading the word about the beautiful meals and experiences found on Food Next Door.

Overall, our trip to Pune was a resounding success, and we are already looking forward to our next visit. Thank you to our partner home chefs for your hospitality and valuable insights.

We are excited to continue working together to bring delicious, authentic meals to your doorstep.

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