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The Best Gangtok Street Foods

Gangtok is a stunning location encircled by magnificent mountains and luxuriant vegetation. It is famous amongst hikers for its amazing treks and is a pilgrimage site. It is a beautiful location with breathtaking views.


List of best barbecue dishes

There is a good chance that barbecuing is the oldest form of cooking in the planet. The Caribbean is credited with being the birthplace of the traditional open-pit barbecue, which later evolved into the magnificent Indian tandoor.


Winter Food to Prevent All Illnesses

There is no specific food that can prevent all illnesses, as the cause of different illnesses can vary. However, there are certain foods that can boost your immune system and help you stay healthy during the winter months.


Incredible Local Sikkim Food Options

The cuisine of Sikkim is diverse and combines regional and local influences in a variety of flavours. The cuisine of Sikkim has been significantly influenced by Nepal and Tibet. Nepalese and Tibetan make up the majority of the state’s ethnic groups, with the former outnumbering the latter.


 Best Kids Lunch Box Ideas

Recipes for kids’ lunchboxes: Particularly when it comes to food, it can be challenging to please kids. Their taste buds are much more developed, making it difficult to trick them into liking things they don’t. They require sufficient nutrition for consistent growth and development, so you must ensure this at the same time.


List of vegetable soups in winter

Do the chilly winter breezes make you feel weighed down? You are not alone. The bone-chilling temperature has left many of us exhausted, and the addition of more layers of clothes has not alleviated this problem. Under addition to snuggling up in your plush blanket, you’ll notice a difference if you consume several foods that are known for their warming properties. Soups in winter are like a Godsend. The best way to warm up your body and calm your senses is to eat a light meal that is served hot and prepared directly over an open flame. Your body will naturally be revitalised with a fresh surge of energy thanks to the nutrients that you consume.

List-of-yummiest-halwas-to-keep-you-warm -and-cozy-this-winter

List of yummiest halwas to keep you warm and cozy this winter

It’s time to get out the cosy pyjamas, steaming cocoa, and excitement for holiday season 2022. The first thing that springs to mind for the majority of us desis when we think of the ideal winter sweet meal is a bowl of good old halwa, even though we may have our own lists of savoury favourites when it comes to winter fare.


FND Team visits Pune to meet partner home-chefs

On our recent trip to Pune, the Food Next Door team had the opportunity to sit down with our competent partner home chefs and discuss their feedback and suggestions.
We welcomed with warm smiles and were invited to share tea and snacks as we delved into a meaningful conversation about the future of Food Next Door.

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