11 Must-try Surat Street Foods

Surat is a Gujarat coastal city known for its textile industry and gemstone cutting facilities. Surat cuts 92 per cent of the world’s diamonds, which may surprise you. Surat is a terrific experience for the seasoned Indian visitor because it has little or no western influence. Surat, like any other buzzing city, has its own set of favourite street meals. Let me discuss the cuisines that you must taste in Surat.

Surat’is have its world-famous cuisine, and the titles of street food itself will warm your heart. Locho, handwo, Fafda, and so forth. Gujarati cuisine is quite tasty. And surat’is are voracious eaters. Suratis’ favourite days to visit are Saturdays and Sundays. Saturdays and Sundays are celebrated in Surati as a festival. Surat may be the only place, after Mumbai, where you can eat in eateries till 11 p.m. Suratis gather with their friends or family every weekend, and the crowds can be seen at every street food vendor and restaurant.

These are the foods with well-known that you should try at least once in your life when visiting Surat.


Locho’s invention is followed by a humorous anecdote. While making the traditional Khaman, an unusual consistency resulted in the appearance of another meal, the Locho, which is shockingly good and mouth-watering. It is available on every hawker’s menu and has a moderate sweet-spicy flavour. Locho is a popular snack among our Gujju brothers, served with green chutney and crispy sev. Locho comes in a wide range of variants, including Schezwan and Italian Locho. The greatest Locho in Surat may be found at Jaani’s, a popular culinary centre.

Sev Tameta


Sev Tameta is a wonderful Gujarati street food prepared with tomatoes and sev spiced with spices. Delicious Sev Tameta is available at the Veg Street Restaurant in Vyara. This is a favourite hangout for foodies, who find the delectable fare both convenient and appreciated. The selection of things is extensive, the prices are affordable, and the establishment can accommodate a big number of people.

Surti sev khamani

Do you want to eat something that delights your senses? If that’s the case, Khamani is the dish for you. Khamani, which is made from Chana dal and a variety of spices, has a spicy, tangy flavour that you’ll want to savour even after you’ve left Surat. Surat’s famed Khamani is made with a unique blend of spices including ginger, a little honey, chillies, garlic, and pepper powders. The meal is highly popular for brunches and evening snacks since it is garnished with the popular besan Sev.


Dieters, be cautious! Ghari will persuade you to forget about calorie counting and soon you’ll be filling your face with Gujarat’s delectable sweet delicacy. Nobody can eat just one of these ghee-crusted pastries packed with a variety of dried fruits. Suratis love Ghari, which they make at home for their popular festivals and celebrations. Thousands of Ghari are sold each year by vendors, which is a new high. You can find the delectable delicacy in any supermarket that sells sweets, and it’s sure to become a crowd-pleaser!



The traditional Surat vegetable casserole, known as Undhiyu, is made from a blend of eight specific vegetables cultivated in Surat and simmered for hours. The name of the dish comes from the Gujarati term ‘Undhu,’ which means ‘inverted.’ To give Undhiyu its excellent succulent taste, the veggies are stirred well upside down in special earthenwares. Every Surat household has passed down the recipe from generation to generation. So, the next time you go to a Gujarati restaurant, don’t forget to order this authentically prepared Gujarati classic cuisine.



The Bhajiyas served near Surat’s footpaths are divided into several kinds, each distinct from the others. Visit these booths near Iscon Mall to treat your taste buds to some of the world’s best Bhajiyas! Aaloo Bhajia, Kanda Bhajia, Chilly Bhajia, Ratalu Bhajia, Tameta Bhajiya, and others are among them. To say the least, eating in the open air beside the walkways with glittering lights from malls and streetlights is simply beautiful! Eat near these Surat street booths to get a taste of the Surat street dining system, where people come with their families, spread their mats on the pavement, and sit to eat and relax.

Ponk Vada

Surat’s winters bring Ponk Vada, which is as tasty as it sounds. Jowar is the key component in this crispy hot snack, which is a tasty and healthful dish to enjoy on cold winter days. The residents of Surat have fond memories of cold, foggy evenings spent eating Ponk Vadas. Visit one of the roadside vendors in Surat to eat a tasty dish with Sev and green Chutney. Eating at street food stalls has a distinct flavour that you won’t get in even the most luxurious hotels.

Ice golas


We are all aware of Ice Golas, which are popular throughout the country. Our Gujju friends, on the other hand, want the finest of the best when it comes to cuisine, which led to the creation of the Ice dish, which is essentially an improved version of Ice Gola. To produce this unusual treat, the traditional gola is dressed in vanilla ice cream, a generous amount of cream, dry fruits, and various flavours. Try Surat style Ice Dish the next time you have a party at home to make your event the talk of the town.

Channa Chaat

For many Gujaratis, Channa Chaat is another favourite food. Kesaria Food Plaza serves a wide range of snacks, pastries, cakes, and chaat. Kesaria delivers food that satisfies all of the requirements of Jainists who follow a diet that excludes certain foods, such as garlic.

Rassawala Khaman Dhokla

Surat residents take time out to visit the Chowk, which serves the tastiest Khaman Dhokla dipped in a spicy sauce and topped with sev. Rassawala Khaman Dhokla is another variation of Khaman, a renowned Surat street cuisine with a global following. You can make this at home, but it will never have the same taste as the Surat streets.

Nan Khatai


So you want to take Surat’s memories with you when your journey comes to an end? This is the one item you must bring with you when you return. Let your friends and family know why Surat is known as India’s “Food Capital.” Nan Khatai is a cookie with almond toppings that have been Indianized. The eggless biscuit melts in the mouth with ease and delights the senses with its crispy sweet flavour. A favourite snack served with tea in every Surati’s home.

Surat is an excellent spot to sample the local cuisine. Make sure to visit some of the restaurants listed in this article for special street foods.


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