10 surprising dishes by Leading Home Chefs in Pune


Pune has always been known for its culinary exploration, but it is home to creative brewers, devoted bakers, and Home Chefs in Pune. The dine-out and Home Food Services Pune there is are the best. Additionally, a lot of stuff is reasonably priced.

There is no secret that Pune residents enjoy eating. Nothing compares to how much we love munching on tasty treats, so if you’re new to the city, here are ten things you HAVE to try!

Bun Maska and Chai


If you visit Pune, you can find cafés selling the traditional combo of thick and thick Irani tea and buns slathered with butter starting at 6 a.m. Although bun maska is a traditional bun with butter, you will find other variants of this traditional recipe here. While some cafes provide grilled bun maska, others serve it with homemade jelly. While all of these variants are tasty, the classic one is our favorite, in our opinion. Those who have resided in Pune will undoubtedly be able to connect to what we mentioned!

Bun Cheese Omelet

Order this without a doubt since it is stuffed with mouthwatering cheese and is a wonderful fluffy omelet with plenty of cheese, tomatoes, onions, and spices. When eating a bun, the butter contributes to the salty flavor that makes you drool.

Misal Pav


The dish known as Misal Pav is exclusive to several parts of Maharashtra. Every region has its own variant: Puneri, Kolhapuri, Nashik, or Nagpuri. There are two varieties of misal: the watery gravy known as Rassa and the thick, spicy sprouting mixture known as Usual. The dish has a mouthwateringly enticing appearance thanks to the fiery crimson oil known as tari. Every Misal is enjoyed with plain or buttered pav.

This treat is prepared as usual in a crimson sauce that isn’t overly hot. With a side of hacked coriander and onion, it is liberally finished off with diced potato and sev-chiwda. This misal is less hot than its rivals since it has sweet and tart undertones.

Mango mastani

A mango milkshake with ice cream, cubed mangoes, almonds, and a cherry on top is known as a mango mastani. a delicious royal beverage that is quite easy to create and is always a success with both kids and adults!

According to legend, Mango Mastani was so named in honor of the brave princess “Mastani” who captured the affection of Peshwa Bajirao, a legendary warrior who ruled from Pune, Maharashtra. Over the years, this beverage has gained popularity. Having its starting points in Pune is said. A must-attempt treat at Sujata Mastani and Gujjar Cold Drink House in Pune during the boiling Indian summers, it is a neighborhood number one.



There are many similarities between this place and Mithai Ka Mall. The items here are frequently referred to as designer mithais because they are more expensive than other options here, and the majority of the expertly made sweetmeats deserve the moniker. However, we would like the people working the counter to be nicer and more open to the concept of offering samples before choosing the sweets we want to purchase. Aside from the service, the taste and product quality are excellent.

Veg Biryani


The Biryani has the bravery to be likened to something wonderful. Biryani can transform every negative feeling into a positive one and every negative idea into a constructive one. You will undoubtedly find a soul mate who was created just for you, even if you cannot find your soul partner on this entire planet.

Every state has experimented with making their own versions of biryani, which has only improved the flavor and scent. Biryani was tried in Pune, and it worked like magic. Pune’s biryani selection can make you drool endlessly. Pune is the best place to live in India for a number of reasons, including its excellent cuisine.

Butter Pav Bhaji


The diverse flavor profiles and textures of Indian cuisine have won it praise on a global scale. And one such popular dish served as street food all around India is the curry, pav bhaji, a national favorite. The long-standing, well-known tiny eateries that began as booths but have now risen in prominence are what distinguish Pune street food from other types of cuisine. The sensation as you rip off the main piece of the delicate pav, the bhaji sizzling on the container, the delicious fragrance of the flavors floating up from the plate, seeing a touch of margarine gradually softening into the bhaji, and the brilliant sensation as everything meets up in a delightful bundle in your mouth make pav bhaji of this city.

Patti Samosa


We’re very sure that there is a samosa shop where you’re from that you regard as the best in the world. Additionally, we are confident that it is wonderful. However, if you truly adore samosas, you won’t make a distinction. And you’ll welcome the Patti Samosas at Order home food delivery app with open arms and, more importantly, a gaping mouth. The filling is more generous than a billionaire giving charity, and the pastry casing is thin, crisp, and not overly greasy.

Shrewsberry biscuits

Everyone has had a buddy who traveled to Pune and returned with a box of Kayani Bakery’s buttery Shrewsberry biscuits. We quickly devoured them after that and regretted not storing more for later. Regardless, in case you live in Pune, you can see the value in them right out of the stove. At the point when the brilliant circles of rich goodness in your mouth disintegrate into powder.

Aoli Bhel


One of India’s most adored snacks, bhel is a mix of flavors and textures in a wonderfully tangy bite. It’s nearly impossible to pass by the chutneys, colorful veggies, crisp puffed rice, and crunchy sev without wanting to try some right now. Even though practically everyone has their own unique style of making bhel, the finished product almost always tastes good and makes you want more. It can be challenging to settle on just one location that delivers the greatest bhel in Pune because there are so many flavor combinations and toppings to experiment with.


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